Tatler Throwback: Gems From The ’80s


March 15, 2017 | BY Kimberly Hu

Brought to you by our 40th anniversary this year

Having been the city's leading authority on luxury lifestyle for the past four decades, it's safe to say we've seen our fair share of glitzy parties and glamorous personalities. For our 40th anniversary year, we celebrate by sifting through our archives to see what high society looked like all those years ago.

As we count down to our special anniversary issue in September 2017, we'll be taking you back to a different decade every month. For March, we're bringing you flashbacks from the ’80s—look out for some recognisable Tatler faces who you can still spot gracing our pages today.

Click through to enjoy a blast from the past: 



Dickson Poon and Philip Chan at the Regal Meridien Hotel (now named Regal Kowloon Hotel). 


Wu Han Fai, Loletta Chu-Lo and Robert Chan at the opening of the China Hotel in Guangzhou.


Hilton Cheong-Leen and David Akers-Jones at the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society 30th anniversary party.


Pearl Yu and Ming Ho-Tang at the USC and UCLA joint scholarship fundraising ball.


Ronald Li and Victor Chu at a cocktail party.


LM Khosla and Hans Michael Jebsen at a cocktail party at The Landmark.


Charles Lee at the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association annual gala.


Pamela Youde and Jean Wong-Chen at the Hong Kong Ballet Group's 20th anniversary ball.


Ian and Jo Jo Fok at the Never Say Never Again movie premiere. 

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This article appears in the March 2017 issue of Hong Kong Tatler.  

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