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People Tatler's Rumour Mill: December 2018

Tatler's Rumour Mill: December 2018

Tatler's Rumour Mill: December 2018
By Hong Kong Tatler
December 11, 2018
Here's what we've heard through the grapevine...

Twinkle toes?

This lady loves to dance, and we mean she truly loves dancing—no expense is spared when it comes to her instructor.

However, many were surprised when she failed to appear at a recent dinner at which ladies want to show off their moves—and instructors. She claims she was suddenly unwell but we hear her absence was due to a spat with her instructor.

Under the hammer

Which guest at a recent black-tie dinner reneged on their winning bid at the event’s auction? Apparently, they only made the bid to show face and never intended to purchase it.

We hear they defaulted on payment, creating a rift with the organisers.

Oh, baby

He’s got fame, fortune and a lovely family, but everyone knows this man has a wandering eye. Now he’s in for a reality check—we hear one of his many mistresses across the border is expecting his child in the new year.

Happy New Year? Let’s wait and see.

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