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People The Tatler 10: Candice Suen-Sieber

The Tatler 10: Candice Suen-Sieber

The Tatler 10: Candice Suen-Sieber
By Christian Barlow
July 12, 2016

The entrepreneur behind Bite tells us why life is all about finding something you can sink your teeth into


If you’ve ever eaten a burger from Triple O’s, sampled the frozen yogurt at Yo Mama or tasted the gelato at GROM, then you’re familiar with the delicious and indulgent brands, offered by Bite. Co-founded by Candice Suen-Sieber, Bite was created to bring popular food and beverage options to the Hong Kong market and we speak to Candice about the perks of running your own business and the importance of being a team player.

 Hong Kong has been home since 1994, it’s where my family is, I know the city well and its where my friends reside who I can call on for a last minute coffee.

Bite, brings the food we fall in love with during our travels, to Hong Kong.  

My proudest accomplishment is when all the hard work my team and I put into each project gets recognised and appreciated.

I don’t really live life with regrets but looking back, the only regret I have is opening two brands in one venue, as it just causes brand confusion, even if both brands are yours!

The best part about running your own business is having the freedom to be yourself. Often when working for other people, you have to worry about how your work will be viewed by your peers and your colleagues. The advantage of being your own boss is being able to explicitly state what you can and can’t do, it gives you the opportunity to be fully transparent, which isn’t always the case when you work for someone else.


My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to be thorough. If you recognise a gap in the market, and you’re offering a unique product in a sparse market segment, then go for it! Remember that if it doesn’t break you or your family, then you should do it. 

My end goal is to see people having a great time in our shops or restaurants. I love looking around and seeing people eating, talking animatedly and laughing.

In ten years, I hope that each brand continues to thrive, in my personal life I hope to be the best mother I can be.

My words to live by are: “No matter who you are or what you do, if the team needs you to pick up the slack, then do it. Nobody is above the task.”

Photography by Michaela Giles


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