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People The Tatler 10: Charlotte Tsuei

The Tatler 10: Charlotte Tsuei

The Tatler 10: Charlotte Tsuei
By Christian Barlow
August 09, 2016

The founder of new athleisure boutique Caelum Greene speaks to us about the importance of hard work, a great team and living the dream


With more than 50 brands under their umbrella, ranging from performance wear to chemical-free beauty products Caelum Greene has been hailed as the first destination for modern wellness in Hong Kong, and is nestled in a light and airy space between art galleries and antique shops on Hollywood Road.

Founded by Charlotte Tsuei who also acts as the boutique’s creative director, and who previously held roles at fashion and wellness brands, Charlotte is perfectly equipped to launch the city’s first lifestyle fashion retailer. We speak to her about her goals for Caelum Greene and why she counts Jessica Alba as a role model:

I grew up between Hong Kong and California. While California taught me about diversity, Hong Kong is where I learned what it means to be international. Moreover, the pace of the city is constantly teaching me the importance of adaptability, diligence, humility and balance. 

Caelum Greene is a lifestyle fashion retailer that offers a unique shopping experience which empowers and encourages women to live fashionably and healthy.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of good opportunities in my life, many of which I’ve followed up with hard work and grit, which have then translated into an “accomplishment”. But I feel that of all that I’ve “accomplished”, the only part I can take credit for is simply that I don’t take opportunities for granted and work hard to see them through. I don’t only measure myself with end results. 

What I love most about running my own business is the feeling of living my dream and being aligned with my purpose. On top of that, I love that I get to express and share my passion for style and wellness, and be part of a supportive team of self-motivated, fun, creative, hardworking people who inspire me day in and day out.

I’m fairly new to the entrepreneurship game and I don’t feel like I am qualified to be handing out advice just yet, but, if I had to share a message that has been helpful to me, it would be to get a good team together. Having a group of like-minded people who share your vision makes all the difference to the journey.


We are the first boutique of its kind in the region and I think that in the long run, it will be our unique perspective, our proactive, customer-centric approach, and our commitment to sustainable retail practices that set us apart.

Jessica Alba is someone who inspires me, among many. An award-winning actress, mother of two, philanthropist, the cofounder of one of the most successful ethical businesses that creates non-toxic, eco-friendly and beautiful household products; and a fellow Taurus to boot. What’s not to love?

Looking back, I don’t wish I had done anything differently. Life is a constant process of learning and adapting. Just because things don’t turn out as hoped at times doesn’t mean they’re not for the best in the end.

My goal for Caelum Greene over the next few years is to become firmly established as a leading lifestyle and fashion boutique in Hong Kong—bringing to the region beautiful and interesting products that contribute to conscious living. Additionally, I’d like for the Caelum Greene culture to be one that inspires the community.

My words to live by are: “Be fearless, have faith, and above all, be present in every moment.” It is as important to experience the stormy days as it is the sunny ones. We are only human and there will be times where we find ourselves out of balance. Fear not of these hidden opportunities, live them to the fullest too—you only live once. 

Visit the Caelum Greene boutique at 90-92 Hollywood Road, Central

Photography by Michaela Giles


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