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People The Tatler 10: Greg McNamara

The Tatler 10: Greg McNamara

The Tatler 10: Greg McNamara
By Christian Barlow
May 17, 2016

The founder of McNamara Art Projects speaks to us about public art gaining traction in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has seen a steady stream of public art projects in recent months, from Antony Gormley to Lynn Chadwick, the growing demand for public art exhibitions is undeniable. On the heels of these exhibitions, we spoke with Greg McNamara, the founder of McNamara Art Projects about the opportunities for public art in Hong Kong, along with the perks and challenges to running your own business:

I feel that Hong Kong is on the cusp of a cultural explosion as more and more people are opening up to the arts on all levels. At this stage, personally, Hong Kong is a remarkably interesting place that is growing it’s own soul and slowly becoming a cultural force in Asia. Essentially, Hong Kong means having the potential to create something incredible. 

McNamara Art Projects is an independent curatorial body focused on delivering ground breaking and immersive public art exhibitions to the people of Hong Kong, as well as shaping private collections for individuals across Asia.

To date, my proudest accomplishment is launching the business with a large-scale exhibition showcasing one of the world’s greatest sculptors, Lynn Chadwick. Having the ability to bring such masterful works to inspire those who come to see them or simply walk by them is humbling. This is the start of many exhibitions that McNamara Art Projects will bring to the people of Hong Kong. 

Looking back, I wouldn’t have changed anything. Mistakes are made constantly, if I was to change anything, I wouldn't have learnt a thing. 

My inspiration comes from the art and artists I work with. The engagement with the works and those who create them holds the inspiration to bring that art to the public of Hong Kong, for them to be inspired in turn. 

The best part of running your own business is having the ability to curate my own schedule. My business is constantly evolving and I am always on the road, visiting artists, exploring and studying museums, meeting various clients and seeking out new public projects. Growth comes from travel and constant interaction with a diverse variety of individuals. Sharing tatler_stories and helping each other succeed. 

My advice to any budding entrepreneur is to remember that you’re going to get shot down, over and over again. Perseverance will conquer. 

My end goal is to give Hong Kong a global reputation for having ground breaking, world-class public exhibitions. 

In ten years I hope to be in Hong Kong, continuing the journey. The nature of public art is that it never stops. 

My words to live by are simple: “Never avoid the bruises, always collect the scars.”

Photography by King Fung  
Special thanks to Ben Browne Fine Arts



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