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People The Tatler 10: Laura Cheung

The Tatler 10: Laura Cheung

The Tatler 10: Laura Cheung
By Christian Barlow
July 14, 2015

We speak to the entrepreneur about starting her own business in Hong Kong, and why it’s important to always focus on the bigger picture

It’s no surprise that Laura Cheung has an eye for beautiful things. Born in Australia and with her education including recognisable and reputable establishments such as Parson’s in New York, and Sotheby’s in London. the interior designer is the creative mind behind home décor and lifestyle brand Lala Curio. Cheung tells us about the pleasures of running your own business and the perils of getting caught up in the small details that life throws her way:  

My earliest memories of growing up in Hong Kong revolve around the notion of constantly studying or being ferried between different tutors – a rigorous education that seems tiring even to think about!

If I could summarise Lala Curio in one sentence - it is a home décor brand that revives traditional craft with contemporary humour, designed for tastemakers who take thrill in the theatre of life.

My proudest accomplishment would have to be the feeling of completing any project I undertake. I love that feeling that comes with finishing a space, curating a show, creating an event, a house or a restaurant. The sensation I get of being able to experience my creation coming to life is a feeling like no other – it’s what drives me to keep going.

I don’t dwell on the past – I think its important to own up to your decisions and deal with the consequences of your actions head on.

I get inspired from speaking and interacting with different people every day, understanding their different approaches and perspectives to life. My family is my rock, my parents are my biggest inspiration, and they constantly encourage me to be the best version of myself.

The best part of running my own business is the ability to shape my life into how I want to live it, spending time on things that I care to focus on, and have control over the vision of how I want everything to be. The best part is when likeminded people can come together to appreciate the passion and creativity that goes into each project.

My advice to budding entrepreneurs is nothing new, don’t be afraid to fail – the fear of failure that is inevitable with starting your own business. Failing is part of the process and problems are inevitable but it’s part of the fun when it comes to taking on new challenges. You have control over how you react to situations so remember to enjoy the moments. As in life, enjoy the journey more so than the destination.

My end goal in life is simply to be happy – which some people may think isn’t so ambitious. Essentially, I want everyday to be an opportunity for self-improvement and self-empowerment, in order to see myself as the best in all that I do.

In ten years time I would hope that my business will have a more global presence, I can’t be stuck to one place for too long – so let’s see what happens but hopefully Lala Curio will have reached other world cities outside of Hong Kong.

Time flies, so I always remind myself to enjoy the ride instead of being too focused on the destination.  

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Photography by Edgar Tapan



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