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People Voice for Change: Gigi Chao

Voice for Change: Gigi Chao

Voice for Change: Gigi Chao
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 29, 2014

We speak to the infamous Cecil's daughter about the global attention brought on by her marriage dowry

"I actually found the whole thing quite entertaining," says Gigi Chao of the global attention her father drew after she married her girlfriend in a low-key Paris wedding. Cecil Chao had offered a HK$500 million (now increased to HK$1 billion) bounty to woo a male suitor for his daughter.

"I think he meant it in a light-hearted way, but the world's media picked up the story and took it a bit too seriously. Daddy thinks society won't accept me unless I marry a man. He was just expressing his fatherly concern. I actually feel lucky to have such a loving parent."

While out of the closet herself, Gigi is not comfortable opening the door for others. "A number of well-known Hong Kong people have asked me to help them come out. Of course, I am incredibly supportive. But I tell them it's something they have to do for themselves, when the time is right." Coming out made Gigi feel "liberated and free", but she knows it's not for all.

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