We Asked: Who's Your Perfect Plus-One?


November 8, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

With the social season in full swing and plenty of parties to attend, we asked what qualities make for an ideal plus-one

Lianne Lam

I think the perfect plus-one is someone who is well-mannered and able to carry a conversation—and someone with a heart of gold is a bonus. Thankfully, my wonderful husband, Matthew, fits all the above.

Esther Ma

The best dates are spent with my husband, Harvey. We share the same passion for wine and great food, and he keeps the conversation flowing. He also isn’t afraid to be the first to leave so we can get a good night’s sleep. 

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Ruth Chao

Anyone with a witty sense of humour, and someone you can talk to about the most mundane of things but also on topics that go beneath the surface. A thoughtful man is almost paradoxical, but if he is, then he’s a keeper.

Nancy Fung

My fiancé, Dinesh, is the perfect plus-one because he’s extra patient and resourceful and knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. His resourcefulness is handy when my feet are aching and he magically appears with hotel slippers—or when the banquet food is horrible and he manages to score us real food. And when I’m teetering in my heels, his strong arms help to keep me upright. 

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Feiping Chang

My idea of a perfect plus-one is someone who possesses all the qualities of a true gentleman; a man who holds the door open for you and makes sure you’re okay, a man who will graciously offer to snap a photo for me and my girlfriends. A real man never shies away from a lady in need.

Yuda Chan

My husband, Johnny, is the perfect plus-one because he’s empathetic to my plight in heels and becomes my crutch when needed, especially on stairs. He’s also willing to carry my entire overflow of paraphernalia, like lipstick, make-up and phone, which never seem to fit into any of my evening bags. Come to think of it, that’s probably why he’s eager to lend me his jacket when I’m cold, so he can transfer the burden.  

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