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Fashion 10 Men's Swimwear Labels To Rock This Summer

10 Men's Swimwear Labels To Rock This Summer

10 Men's Swimwear Labels To Rock This Summer
By Gennady Oreshkin
June 20, 2019
Get wet and wild in the latest men's swimwear labels with an array of stand-out styles—from cool artistic prints to classics like stripes and gingham

1/10 Atalaye

Photo: Courtesy of  Atalaye
Photo: Courtesy of Atalaye

Discover the freshness and charisma of Biarritz-la-Belle through the latest collection by Atalaye. This swimwear brand will transport you to the Royals' favourite Basque region of France with its simple and elegant designs that are both luxurious and comfortable.

The pieces are sustainably crafted from the upcycled materials that are not only durable but also help to keep the Mediterranean sea clean.

Available at Atalaye

2/10 Double Rainbouu

Photo: Courtesy of Double Rainbouu
Photo: Courtesy of Double Rainbouu

Australian duo Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones are the masterminds behind these Australia-inspired swim shorts, offering a fresh take on tropical beachwear.

The brand's Australian identity can be seen not only in the colours and prints, but also in the choice of fabrics that are sourced locally and responsibly. Their latest collection highlights the unique elements of small-town, deserted beaches, including our personal favourite, the Paradise Pink Pool Shark Short

Available at Double Rainbouu

3/10 Timo Trunks

Photo: Courtesy of  Timo Trunks
Photo: Courtesy of Timo Trunks

Pow Foongfaungchaveng’s mesmerising shorts take from 1970s prints, making anyone wearing them feel like a Marlon Brando on vacation.

Timo Trunks' precise tailoring and abundance of colours make for a conspicuous statement piece, while their premium fabrics ensure nothing but absolute comfort. Whilst all the trunks scream individuality, our top pick is this Edition Picasso Military Green number. 

Available at Timo Trunks

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4/10 Commas Swim

Photo: Courtesy of   Commas Swim
Photo: Courtesy of Commas Swim

When a swimwear brand is presented at Pitti Uomo, you know it should be on your radar. Sydney's Richard Jarman walks the balance between class and minimalism with his brand Commas Swim, which is a perfect choice for those of us who are trying to achieve an effortlessly stylish beach vibe this summer.

The brand's Spring/Summer 2019 collection is rich with stripes and soothing prints that are pleasing to the eye. Apart from swim shorts, Commas also offers a wide selection of shirts and other beachwear pieces worth adding to your wardrobe.

Available at Commas Swim

5/10 Debayn

Photo: Courtesy of Debayn
Photo: Courtesy of Debayn

When you think of a luxe summer getaway, no doubt sailing and the French Riviera come to mind. And, thanks to Debayn, relaxing at your hotel's poolside will now feel like a day spent at the beach in Monte-Carlo.

The brand offers truly versatile shorts that will be your go-to this summer whether you're at the beach, a bar or a restaurant. Both bermudas and shorts offered at Debayn are an homage to French sailing, providing you with the functionality and comfort you need this season.

Available at Debayn

6/10 Hartford

Photo: Courtesy of    Hartford
Photo: Courtesy of Hartford

Few brands embody classic American style like Hartford, a brand that dates back to 1979 and never fails to satisfy our love for all things vintage. Usage of traditional fabrics and cutting-edge production technology perfectly balances a retro feel with modern style, while simple prints and rich colors offer practicality and versatility.

One of the truly timeless pieces that won our hearts are these Seersucker Regular Swim Shorts.

Available at Hartford

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7/10 Orlebar Brown

Photo: Courtesy of Orlebar Brown
Photo: Courtesy of Orlebar Brown

If you are looking to hit the beach London-style this summer, then look no further than Orlebar Brown. The swimwear label's expertise in tailoring and daringness to experiment with unconventional prints—as illustrated wonderfully in its James Bond collection—creates the image of a true gentleman.

And what exudes chivalry more than these Skyfall Setters with a pair of Thunderball Espadrilles thrown in?

Available at Orlebar Brown

8/10 Thorsun

Photo: Courtesy of     Thorsun
Photo: Courtesy of Thorsun

Whether you are spending your summer in Miami beach or at one of those flamboyant boat parties, a splash of colour is exactly what you need to stay on theme—making Thorsun's vibrant and dazzling swim shorts an eye-catching essential this summer.

The brand's commitment to originality is seen through the hand-embroidered finishes– a feature that is guaranteed to make you stand out in any crowd.

Available at Thorsun

9/10 Frescobol Carioca

Photo: Courtesy of FRESCOBOL CARIOCA
Photo: Courtesy of FRESCOBOL CARIOCA

Frescobol Carioca embodies the tropical spirit of Rio de Janeiro. The brand prides itself on creating swim shorts that cater to the modern man by using quick-drying polyamide fabrics and opting for neutral, contemporary patterns.

Most of the Frescobol Carioca pieces are made in shades of blue, and are inspired by Rio's modernist architecture. The patterns seen in their latest collection have us dreaming of El Dorado and ancient Mayan civilizations. 

Available at Frescobol Carioca

10/10 Aime Leon Dore

Photo: Courtesy of Aime Leon Dore
Photo: Courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

This sport and ready-to-wear brand from Queens is perfect for a laid-back summer vibe. Aimé Leon Dore focuses on powerful yet simple design that reflects the spirit of a true New Yorker.

The shorts range from solid colours to playful prints, made with fabrics such as nylon and mesh. Since the unequivocal success of their launch, Aimé Leon Dore has continued to impress us with quality pieces that make the perfect wardrobe staples. 

Available at Aime Leon Dore

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