3 Top Wedding Decorators In Hong Kong You Should Know


November 5, 2018 | BY Elizabeth Choi

Whether you are aiming for a large-scale party or an intimate celebration, your wedding décor sets the tone for your big day. And if you attended the Kerry Hotel Wedding Fair, we're sure you must have noticed the incredible set-up that day. Here, we introduce you to three of Hong Kong’s best wedding decorators who were responsible for the amazing décor, and are ready to turn your wedding fantasies into reality:

Photo: Courtesy of Only Mine

Only Mine 

Drawing from eight years of experience in the industry, Elle and Annie of Only Mine get to know each couple to make their experience as personal as possible. Their ethos revolves around the idea that every couple is beautifully unique, and they take pride in helping their clients realise their special moments.

Their team of in-house designers and planners help to create everything from a wedding logo and stationery to floral arrangements and customised lighting to ensure a cohesive look that tells your story in a memorable way.

A highlight about working with Only Mine is their willingness to try new things. If you’re stuck on ideas, their creative team can help you think outside the box and consider experimenting with different textures, colours and even scents to make your wedding aesthetic one that's comprehensive, stylish and uniquely yours. 

Find out more at onlymine.hk

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3 Top Wedding Decorators In Hong Kong You Should Know
Photo: Courtesy of Free Concept

Free Concept

Free Concept knows a thing or two about bringing that "wow" factor to a wedding. Free Concept works closely with couples to set the tone and mood to best suit their wedding venue and has partnerships with some of the city's leading hotels including The Langham and Island Shangri-La.

With 10 years of experience designing weddings of all sizes, Free Concept can help tailor a plan for your wedding decorations, offering detailed options to consider and compare if you're feeling undecided. Most importantly, their approach to design ensures that every detail contributes to your once-in-a-lifetime event's ambience in a meaningful way.

Taking the legwork out of ensuring all details are consistent, Free Concept can design a theme and colour palette to be widely applied to your wedding, from the bouquet to your wedding dress and bridesmaid outfits, to invitations and more. 

Find out more at 3concept.com.hk

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Photo: Courtesy of Miluna Studio

Miluna Studio

With an emphasis on romantic florals, Miluna Studio captures your greatest love story through nature’s best wedding gift: foliage. Led by studio founder Jaynee Lam, Miluna Studio pays special attention to the shape, texture and movement of your chosen florals to create floral arrangements that enhance the sentiment of your wedding, be it vintage, coastal, or alpine.

As the season of your wedding is also an important element in your decor, Miluna Studio takes care to select florals and leaves that are in season to best compeiment your vision.

They also place emphasis on lighting, working closely with your wedding photographer to capture and illuminates all the special details that create the full picture. From floral arches and lush table settings to hanging flower installations, Miluna Studio offers truly specialised styling advice for one-of-a-kind decor to make your wedding unique and personal.

Find out more at milunastudio.com

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