3 Wavy Hairstyles That Were Made For The Beach


August 3, 2018 | BY Cherry Lai

There are three things we love about summer: curling our toes in pristine white sand, soaking up some vitamin D in the sunshine, and that messy-hair-don’t-care look you can always—are encouraged to, in fact—get away with. And with Hong Kong's humidity, forget about salon-straight locks and opt for these wavy styles instead:

As seen at Alexander Wang (Photo: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Sunkissed blonde

'Tis the season to go lighter, if you dare—after all, blondes are rumoured to have more fun. Be sure to find a colourist who knows how to take you lighter, or risk turning orange or green.

3 Wavy Hairstyles That Were Made For The Beach
As seen at Balmain (Photo: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Naturally tousled

Post-shore beach waves are the best, when the combination of sea salt, wind and general laidbackness result in naturally tousled, textured locks that can only be achieved after a day in the ocean. Of course, you can now recreate this look with a slew of haircare products, so grab a texturising spray and start scrunching.

As seen at Fenty (Photo: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Voluminous waves

Mastering the look has never been easier, thanks to the range of volumising and curl-holding products now on the market. Pro tips? Prep your tresses with a texturising mousse and load up on the salt sprays before creating bends with a flat iron for a barely-there effect.

Rumpled beach waves in minutes—and you don’t even have to set foot on the sand. Although, why would you not? 

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