5 Romantic Wedding Gowns Inspired By Elizabeth Taylor


April 4, 2017 | BY Melissa Twigg

The eight-time bride was the inspiration for Jenny Packham's latest collection

Elizabeth Taylor walked down the aisle a total of eight times, which would make her the ideal icon for any wedding dress designer. Case in point: British designer Jenny Packham has cited Taylor's opulent and eclectic jewellery collection as the inspiration for her Spring 2017 bridal line.

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The result is a romantic aesthetic filled with jewelled belts and embellished bodices reminiscent of Liz’s most glorious red carpet looks. Click through below for our favourite looks. 


JPB654 Montana Barley.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Packham

Bringing the best of 1920s glamour, this dress has a decidedly vintage feel with the angular chevron pattern and gorgeous gold beading and sequins. 


JPB655 Oklahoma Ivory.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Packham

 Overlaid with delicate tulle, this traditional sweetheart-neckline dress is given a fresh face with some glittering bead embroidery. 


JPB659 Faith Barley.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Packham

The metallic gold highlights on this ivory dress give a subtle timeless elegance to a whimsical and feminine gown. 


JPB660 Apache Celadon.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Packham

 No need to adjust your screen, this gown is actually green. Elizabeth Taylor was a fan of coloured dresses, wearing green, yellow and purple at three of her weddings. Taking on the pastel trend, this shade is ideal for a spring or summer wedding and a bride with a bold sense of style.


JPB665 Dallas Ivory.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jenny Packham

This sleek, simple cut has an Edwardian feel, but the beaded tulle overlay gives the capped shoulders and high neckline a new, modernised aesthetic. 

Jenny Packham, 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong (by appointment only), +852 2772 2177, jennypackham.com.

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