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Men 5 Hottest Men's Haircuts For Summer

5 Hottest Men's Haircuts For Summer

5 Hottest Men's Haircuts For Summer
By Benjamin Fitzgerald
April 24, 2018
Nothing says "summer" like a fresh haircut, which is why we’ve found five cool hairstyles to rock in Hong Kong’s warmest months (hello, humidity). Keeping those locks stylishly short, the only heat you’ll be copping this summer is the air coming out of your blow dryer in the morning. Happy styling.

1/5 The French Crop

Photo: Coupe de Cheveaux, Homme
Photo: Coupe de Cheveaux, Homme

Ooh-la-la. The French crop is crowned, so because of its Caesar-esque rule, the hair should be cut short on the back and sides, and kept slightly longer through the top. Perfect for summer, this style offers easy maintenance and it’s versatile, working for men of all ages and style loyalties.

How to get it: The classic French crop will require blunt cutting on the top from your barber, especially for those wanting a more solid, clean shape. For a more textured touch, ask for a pointcut to create a dishevelled effect, which is preferable for those with thick hair as it reduces extra weight. 

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How to style it: For a natural look, apply some light hold product to clean, dry hair, especially if you have fine locks. Pomade or shaping paste will offer hold and texture for fine or medium hair, while pomade lends a touch of shine. For a matte finish, opt for a hair clay. Then grab a comb and brush it forward over the forehead if short, or push the front to the side if you’re rocking a longer top.

2/5 Quiff Undercut

Photo: Courtesy of Latest-Hairstyles
Photo: Courtesy of Latest-Hairstyles

The French crop’s bad-boy American cousin, the quiff undercut—known for its sleek sides and back and towering bouffant—has proved a hot-weather favourite in recent months. Like regular undercuts, the quiff style offers a distinct disconnection between the shaved area and the longer top section, but incorporates a slight graduation or fade. 

How to get it: Ask your barber for an undercut with a low disconnected fade. If you’re still trying to grow your hair out, the undercut will help create a longer looking top; shaving the hair back around the hairline and promoting fuller, longer growth above. 

How to style it: For a full look, first dry the hair—try doing this upside down using a hair dryer (especially if your hair is extra fine) as the air will inject some much-needed thickness. Then, flip your head up and work in a mixture of styling paste and volumising powder. These will keep the top part of the hair full and give a dry yet flexible finish, which you can rework throughout the day.

3/5 Classic short-back-and-sides

Photo: The Trendspotter
Photo: The Trendspotter

The classic short-back-and-sides style is a simple and effective way to sharpen your summer look, without much risk of getting it wrong or looking over-styled. 

How to get it: Ask for a short cut all around the sides and back, and keep it relatively short on top; no towering quiff, edgy fade or disconnection with the top part required. Maintain a gradual taper on the back and sides to keep it tight, showcasing subtle texture and slight length on top.

How to style it: Go for a pomade with or without shine (depending on your personal preference) and work it through the ends for definition. Then, give it a once-over with a comb for neatness.

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4/5 The Side Part

Photo: The Trendspotter
Photo: The Trendspotter

The shortness and sharpness of the side part—a safe, yet slick hairdo for work and pleasure—makes this immutable hairstyle for men also ideal for a hot, humid summer.

How to get it: Your barber will help you decide which is your best side for parting. This will make styling much easier. Next, decide how prominent you want the part to be. Like the crop and undercut style, shaving and tapering will impact just how modern (versus traditional) the side part will be. The shorter it is, the sharper it will be.

How to style it: First, consider the occasion. For the office or a formal event, style it slick to create sharp, clean lines. Use a water-based pomade to achieve a non-greasy, wet look, and comb your part following the line it was cut. Not a fan of the wet? Give your hair a blow dry for a softer, more voluminous finish and add in a defining paste and comb to the side.

5/5 The Crew Cut

Photo: The Trendspotter
Photo: The Trendspotter

Need a fresh start? Shave it all off. The buzz cut is making its resurgence this summer due to its unquestionable masculinity, practicality and versatility; no hair, don’t care. And while the buzz cut is essentially an all-over shave, don’t try and recreate this at home. Getting the length even is the buzz’s battle. 

How to get it: A minimalist look, the buzz cut varies in length depending on what number blade you select—ranging from short to very short. Speak to your barber about what length suits your face structure and lifestyle. A number three or four on the blade-scale is usually best. Remember, you can always go shorter, later. 

How to style it: Just roll out of bed, shower and get dressed. Your hair (or lack thereof) will always be on-point.

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