5 Reasons We Love Tod’s Sella Bag


April 10, 2017 | BY Rebecca Cairns

It’s the ultimate accessory for Spring

Tod's Sella bag is the latest must-have in equestrian-chic. With the brand’s heritage in tanneries and saddle making, this leather accessory has been on our style radar for a while now. Here are five reasons we've added it to our wish list:

1. It’s the ultimate IT girl accessory

celebrities bags sella tods.jpg

LEFT: Faye Tsui; RIGHT: Poppy Delevingne (Photo: Courtesy of Tod's)

The Sella bag was a fashion favourite at Milan Fashion Week, and it’s been spotted on Faye Tsui, Poppy Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Liu Wen, Zhang Ziyi, Sara Brajovic and Michelle Madsen, to name but a few of the international style influencers who are mad about this handbag.

2. The leather is world-class


Quality is a priority (Photo: Courtesy of Tod's)

Not convinced by its celebrity fan-base? The quality of the materials is sure to sway you. Each skin is hand-checked to eliminate imperfections and is sourced responsibly from some of the best tanneries in the world.

3. It’s crafted with ancient, time-proven techniques

Tods Hand Made 0255.jpg

Tricks of the trade (Photo: Courtesy of Tod's)

Fine materials have to be treated as such. Using production techniques similar to those of  ancient saddle makers, the ribbing and stitching echo traditional structures, making it as strong as it is stylish.

4. Every bag is unique

Sella Bag_1.jpg

Hand-crafted means one of a kind with Tod's (Photo: Courtesy of Tod's)

Tod’s guarantees quality throughout the production process. Every Sella bag is painstakingly hand-stitched, sewn and cut by a variety of master leather and needle workers, making each bag a unique product.

5. It comes in five different colours

colour collage tods sella.jpg

LEFT: Jourdan Dunn with a small tan Sella; CENTRE: Diipa Khosla carries a medium black Sella bag; 

RIGHT: Naomi Campbell with a medium red Sella (Photo: Courtesy of Tod's)

And in case you really need another reason, there’s a wide selection of colours and sizes to choose from. Get yours in tan, white, orange, red, navy or black (or one of each, perhaps?). 

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