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Beauty 5 Weird & Wonderful New Facials In Hong Kong

5 Weird & Wonderful New Facials In Hong Kong

5 Weird & Wonderful New Facials In Hong Kong
By Chloe Street
April 06, 2017
The city's most audacious and efficacious new skin boosting treatments

After Hong Kong Art Month's previews, parties and after-parties, your skin has no doubt taken a bit of a beating. Luckily for you, a whole host of amazing new facials have been added to the treatment lists of some of the best salons in Hong Kong. Read on to discover our favourite new facial treatments in Hong Kong.

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1. DNA Rejuvenating Facial at the Landmark MO


Photo: Courtesy of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

How it works: The focus of this treatment is on using electro microcurrents to tighten and brighten. Low-level electrical currents are passed through the skin, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level, enhancing the natural production of collagen and elastin and providing circulatory benefits. It's a 'reboot' for the body's electrical system.

How it feels:  The therapist applies a conducting gel and then works two wands with opposite micro currents over your face. The voltage used is exponentially smaller than might be required to power a lightbulb, so it’s a gentler experience than you might imagine.

While this is perhaps not a treatment during which you will nod off, it is not painful. The sensation is one of tightening—your skin feels slightly twitchy, and it gave me a mild metallic taste in my mouth. I found the eye area (where the skin is thinner) to be slightly uncomfortable, but the therapist turned down the machine and then it was absolutely fine.

The treatment also includes an Aromatherapy Associates Rose Velvet hand wrap and hand reflex treatment and a bespoke facial and eye lifting massage using crystal stones to stimalte circulation and diminish puffiness.

Who's it for? The contouring and tightening aspects of the treatment mean it is good for those seeking to turn back the hands of time. However, my therapist tells me she has seen improvements in clients with everything from rosacea to acne.

How you look after: My face definitely had a tightness to it that wasn't there before. It felt as though my hairline had slightly raised and there was a definite glow. 

How long it lasts:  The tightness lasted a week or two. There is known to be a cumulative effect with microcurrent therapy so regular top ups are recommended to maintain the contouring effect.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2132 0188,

 2. JOYCE Beauty Signature Facial


Photo: Courtesy of JOYCE Beauty

How it works: This newly launched treatment is a power combination of facial peel, a scrub, a five-minute microcurrent treatment and a rose quartz element. The hour-long treatment pampers with an ultra-luxe synergy of best-selling treatments. The overall aim is to rejuvenate, nourish and lift. 

How it feels: First the therapist applies the Omorovicza Copper Peel, an award-winning foaming two-phase peel, combining a blue copper paste and a lactic acid activator. This feels slightly warm on the skin as it does its work to polish skin and reduce pore size.

Next comes the 3LAB Perfect Cleansing scrub, a gentle exfoliation from a combination of citrus essential oils and fine Jojoba beads. After this deep-cleansing phase, the therapist uses the handheld electro microcurrent device from NuFace for a five-minute facial lift. 

The therapist then applies the soothing 3LAB Perfect Mask to the face and places a warmed rose quartz stone in each hand, which is known for its relaxing and regenerating energy.

Who's it for? With it's combination of peel, scrub, microcurrent treatment and rose quartz, this facial is a bit of an all rounder, appropriate for anyone.

How you look after: You will leave JOYCE with a super hydrated, glowing face, covered with a magical mix of JOYCE Beauty's finest and hardest working products.

How long it lasts: The effects of the microcurrent treatment were perhaps not as discernible but the skin most definitely looked glowing and very well moisturised. Two days later the skin was still noticably more nourished and elastic looking.

JOYCE Beauty, 1/F New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2869 5816,

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3. High Intensive Focused Ultrasound Facial at the Skin Gym


Photo: Courtesy of the Skin Gym

 How it works: When applied to the face, ultrasound heats the subsurface of the skin and the tissue beneath it to 65-70°C, encouraging the body to send young, rejuvenating cells to the affected area. The result is an abundant regeneration of collagen and a taut and lifted appearance. 

How it feels: The therapist applies a thick conducting gel over the surface of the skin before slowly applying the ultrasound device—which looks exactly the same as those used on pregnant tummies.

The feeling of this one is not entirely dissimilar to the microcurrent facial but the sensation here is less of a (albeit very gentle) surface "zap" and more of a deep (and yet still gentle) muscular vibration. It feels very odd but not at all painful, and the therapists at Skin Gym are wonderful at making you feel calm and reassured in the process.

You begin on the lowest setting and can then choose to turn up the dial once you are accustomed to the sensation. As with the microcurrent facial, the eye area is the most sensitive. 

Who's it for? This treatment is for anybody, but is particularly relevant for those looking to reduce the signs of ageing as results are most dramatic on fine lines and wrinkles. 

How you look after: Unlike a traditional facelift, there's zero recovery time with HIFU, so you can pop into the salon on your lunch break and return to the office with no visual signs of treatment. 

The therapist took before and after pictures of my face, and while there were no huge differences in my appearance (my jawline looked a little more defined), this is to be expected as the results take up to three months to take effect. 

How long it lasts: Results can be seen within a few weeks, although you only notice a significant change after approximately three months—less shocking to friends and family than if you emerge from facelift surgery miraculously five years younger.

The Skin Gym, The Centrium, 21/F, Room 6, 60 Wyndham Street, Hong Kong, +852 2810 8088,

4. Y Lift Intensive Facial at the Ritz-Carlton Spa

Y Lift Intensive Facial (111Skin) (3).jpg

Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Spa

How it works: This line-smoothening treatment uses a special face-lifting massage technique and a patented youth-reviving cocktail of NAC Y2, collagen types I and III, and hyaluronic acid from 111Skin, a skincare range developed by the London-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides.

How it feels: After cleansing and exfoliating, the therapist performs a massage on problematic areas of the face, neck and chest using a ball applicator and serum from 111Skin’s Celestial Black Diamond line, which incorporates black diamond nanoparticles that are supposed to travel deeper into the layers of the skin.

It’s a firm massage and you certainly feel as if areas of your face and chest are being moulded into shape. The therapist follows the letter Y (hence the name), simulating high cheekbones, outlining the jaw and elongating the neck. Apart from firming, the deep tissue massage allows active anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate.

Following the massage, a cool and soothing bio-cellulose mask is applied to the face and neck. The therapist then finishes off the 80-minute treatment with 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Cream.

 Who's it for? The treatment is for anyone looking to reduce fine lines and sagging without having to go through invasive procedures, and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin type.

 How you look after: Results can be seen immediately, with the skin feeling taut, increasingly plump and hydrated, with no redness. My skin felt like it had just woken up and though I didn't see any significant change in definition instantly, the therapist assured me that a couple more treatments would do the trick.

 How long it lasts: The lifting and toning effect lasted until the next day. The therapist advised me to supplement the treatment at home by using the 111Skin Black Diamond serum which comes with its own massage ball applicator, for more lasting results. 

The Ritz-Carlton Spa by ESPA, The Ritz-Carlton, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Hong Kong, +852 2263 2040,

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5. Biorhythm Facial by Julisis at Four Seasons


Photo: Courtesy of Four Seasons

How it works: Julius Eulberg, founder of German luxury spa brand Julisis, has developed a skincare system that harnesses the potent efficacy of biodynamic herbs as well as the trace minerals found in ultra-fine gold and silver.

How it feels: First the therapist analyses my skin to decide if I need her to use the gold or the silver products. Liquid Gold, like the power of the sun, is used to energise and activate skin, ideal for smokers or others with tired or polluted skin in need of a boost. Liquid Silver, powered by the moon, is used for calming and grounding, a perfect follow up to meditation or for skin in need of detoxing and regeneration.

The spa rooms at the Four Seasons look out over the harbour which, particularly in the evening, makes for a wonderful, relaxing view. The treatment begins with a seated meditation, which is really more of a short breathing exercise, ideal for slowing the mind after a hectic day.

After cleansing, the therapist further relieves tension with a thorough face, neck, head and jaw massage using rose-scented oils and creams. After this a silver mask is applied. While this is doing its magic the therapist gives a firm neck and shoulder massage, stretching arms and releasing knots. Finally a customised blend of powerful biodynamic oils is applied to the face. 

How you look after: You leave the treatment room with a face visbilty covered in oils, so not one to do before an event, but the skin feels wonderfully supple and smooth. The detoxifying powers of the assisted circulation form the massage gives visibly brightened and glowing skin. 

Who's it for: This facial really does suit anyone, particularly those in need of some powerful moisturisation and detoxification.  

Four Seasons Spa, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3196 8888,

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