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Beauty 5 Winter Skincare Tips From The Founder Of Margy's Monte Carlo

5 Winter Skincare Tips From The Founder Of Margy's Monte Carlo

5 Winter Skincare Tips From The Founder Of Margy's Monte Carlo
By Pearl Yan
November 20, 2019
Margie Lombard, the founder of the most expensive facial in Hong Kong shares her beauty tips on how to keep your skin in tip-top shape through winter

When Margie Lombard launched her Monaco spa in 1988 with only three treatment rooms, she did not expect that 30 years later her facials and skincare products would become one of the most sought-after names in the cosmetology industry.

Margy's Monte Carlo, Lombard’s anti-ageing facials and line of products, is loved by celebrities and VIPs including Claudia Schiffer, Tina Turner and Princess Charlene of Monaco, who fly into the French Riviera by private jet just to get a facial at her spa.

A pioneer in biomimetic cosmetic, Lombard is one of the first to use collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and E—the four key substances that are found naturally in our skin that keeps it hydrated and plump—in her products. 

Once exclusive to the shores of Monaco, Margy's Monte Carlo has earned its name in Asia with its award-winning collagen facials at The Peninsula Hong Kong, where the therapists were trained in the Monaco spa and certified by Lombard to replicate her signature facial technique.

On the heels of Margy's Monte Carlo’s launch at The Peninsula Bangkok, Capella Shanghai, Capella Sanya and Morpheus in Macau, Lombard shares with us her top five skincare tips on how to keep a glowing complexion throughout the cold months.

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1/5 Don’t wash your face with water

Photo: Courtesy of Margy's Monte Carlo
Photo: Courtesy of Margy's Monte Carlo

Tap water contains a lot of toxins, including arsenic, which can cause skin irritation, and even increase one’s risk of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes. If the water is not drinkable, why would you use it on your skin? Use a cottonwool instead of water to remove your cleanser and impurities—your skin will thank you for it.

2/5 Opt for gentle cleansers

Photo: Courtesy of The Peninsula Hong Kong

Avoid gel, foam or soap cleansers as they destroy the natural hydrolipidic film on our skin. Most soaps contain fragrances and irritating ingredients that are drying to the skin. 

The best way is to moisturise while you cleanse your skin. Use a milk-based cleanser, like the Margy's Monte Carlo Azulene Cleansing Milk, which doesn’t need to be rinsed off. You can simply use our Lotion No.2 with a cotton pad to gently remove the milk, which moisturises your skin even if you leave it on. 

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3/5 Switch to a heavier moisturiser

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Look for richer creams that contain hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, marine elastin, algae extract and vitamin A and E during winter time. You skin needs long-lasting moisture to prevent the cold air from drying the surface. Margy's Monte Carlo Brightness Revealing Mask is a great replacement for your night cream for some serious moisturising results.

Also, book a professional facial about every three weeks—which is how long it takes your skin cell to regenerate every cycle. Regular facials will promote collagen development and blood circulation, which translates to healthier-looking skin—and you get to relax during the treatment, too.

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4/5 Massage your face regularly

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Massaging products into your skin not only allows your skincare to penetrate better, it also helps reduce puffiness and promote blood circulation. Hold your cheek bone with one hand, use the fingertips of the other hand to lift your skin in an upward motion.

5/5 Sweat it out

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

When you sweat, it takes all the toxins out and opens up pores. Plus, you’ll get this flushed and radiant complexion after you exercise. Running and yoga, coupled with healthy eating habits and lots of good quality water are my recipe for healthy-looking skin.

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