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Beauty 6 Makeup Essentials for a "No Makeup" Look

6 Makeup Essentials for a "No Makeup" Look

6 Makeup Essentials for a "No Makeup" Look
By Chloe Street
January 09, 2017
After a busy festive season of party make-up, why not start the new year by baring all? The fresh-faced look exudes confidence and is disarmingly chic


Photo courtesy of Isabelle Marant 

So, a new year begins, as does, most probably, your attempt to hit the yoga mat seven times a week and really, nearly, practically, almost certainly give up wine. What better time, then, to show off your wondrously detoxed skin? I’m not for one minute suggesting that you actually leave the house without make-up. But perhaps it’s time to reconsider the warpaint approach. You can still wear mascara and lip gloss. Hell, you can even pencil in those brows if you like. Provided you do it all so subtly that it looks like you gave up make-up for 2017. Sound scary? Clever iridescent powders, the lightest of foundations and the subtlest of bronzers are your friends.


NARS Laguna Illuminator (r).jpg

We can't all have Alicia Key's flawless makeup-free skin, so a soft base like Laguna Illuminator by Nars helps to even complexion and enhance your natural beauty.


Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder 01.jpg

A simple sweep of Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder by Rodial across the cheekbones, nose and chin will highlight your face shape for an instantly sharper look.


Clarins Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm_with texture-s.jpg

No makeup means fresh and healthy - and Daily Energiser Lovely Lip Balm by Clarins is the everyday essential for a nude, luscious lip.


L'Orchidee Rose.jpg

A subtle rosy cheek will give your face a healthy glow - L’Orchidée Rose by Sisley has added sparkle for a bit of barely-there magic.


Bronzing Powder 2.jpg

Create natural sunkissed skin with Golden Radiance Bronzing Powder by Eve Lom.


The Powder_Plain.jpg

To avoid your makeup fading throughout the day, keep your face fresh with The Powder by La Mer.

 This article was originally published in the January 2017 issue of Hong Kong Tatler


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