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Beauty 8 Hong Kong Juice Cleanses We’re Trying Before the #HKTatlerBall2016

8 Hong Kong Juice Cleanses We’re Trying Before the #HKTatlerBall2016

8 Hong Kong Juice Cleanses We’re Trying Before the #HKTatlerBall2016
By Rebecca Cairns
September 06, 2016

These local Hong Kong businesses have the juice cleanses to get you ready for the ball


Photo Courtesy of Water Juicery

 A fitness frenzy grabbed the globe in the 1970s, but before the celebrity workout videos and spandex hit the shelves it was nutritionists and exercise gurus who put the public on the path to well-being. Called ‘an apostle for fitness’ by Arnold Schwarznegger, Jack Lalanne’s Power Juices range was the first major market-available cleanse: and half a century later, the fad is still going strong. Suggested to aid digestion and weight loss, improve complexion and tone, and boost energy, the thing the juice cleanse certainly does is increase your intake of vital nutrients and stop you munching on unhealthy sweet treats. Whether it leaves you feeling lighter or livelier, taking a one-to-five day break from your regular diet might be the trick to having you feeling your finest inside and out for the #HKTatlerBall2016. With these eight modern incarnations of the classic cleansing trend on our doorstep, we’ll be giving them a go before we don our glass slippers this September.

 Genie Juicery 

1. GJ juice 3.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Genie Juicery 

Give yourself a boost with a Genie Juicery cleanse, starting at HK$600 for one day. From Australian duo Melanie Barnish and Cara McIlroy comes a variety of delicious cold-pressed juices: with eight bottles a day, you won’t have time to miss solid foods. If you’re still going to be hitting the gym hard in the lead up to the ball, opt for their ‘Gym Buddy’ selection which will still give you plenty of energy for your workout. If you’re strapped for time, then the one-day cleanse is perfect for the day before the ball or try the fruit-free cleanse if you're sensitive to sugar. (Read our review here)


Genie Juicery, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong; + 852 2644 5875

Be Juiced

2. Be juiced 1.JPG

Photo Courtesy of Be Juiced 

The level-One Be Juiced ‘Reboot’ is ideal for every juice cleanse novice, with an even balance of sweet fruit juices and light vegetable drinks. Try the three-day package for HK$1580 for some pre-ball rejuvenation and kick start your juicing love affair.


Be Juiced, Lee Roy Commercial Building, 45 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong; +852 2668 6231

Punch Detox
3. Punch 1.jpg

Photo courtesy of Punch 

One of the most famous Hong Kong juicers, PunchDetox  founders Ann Cha and Angela Matsuzawa have been helping us towards cleaner living for years. Their three-day cleanses are HK$1680 and come in three levels of intensity to help you achieve your detoxing goals, whether it’s a fresher face or a smaller waist. For detox die-hards, we challenge you to the Olympian cleanse: a 75% veggie juice selection that will leave you feeling fully purged.


Contact via email:

Mr Green Juice 4. MrG juice 2.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Mr Green Juice 

Have a cathartic cleanse with Mr Green’s hydrating Deep Cleanse. Take on one, three or five days (HK$548-2590) of juicy intensity to give your digestive system some down time to reset. High in vegetables and antioxidants, this detox will have your skin radiating for the ball.


19/F, Asia Pacific Centre, 8 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong; +852 3709 0907


5. PressedJ 2.jpg 

Photo Courtesy of Pressed

With a motto of ‘positively life changing,’ you can be assured you will feel refreshed after a 3-day cleanse with Pressed. At just HK$1000, they offer unbeatable value: perfect for first timers testing out the cleansing craze. Their five stores around Hong Kong make them accessible, plus their passion for all foods raw mean you can continue your clean living diet with them post-ball, too.


Find your nearest Pressed here; or call +852 2547 7939

 The Hong Kong Juice Company

6. HKjuiceCO 1.jpg

Photo Courtesy of The Hong Kong Juice Company

 Splash out on The Hong Kong Juice Company’s Signature 5 premium cleanse – an intensive detox starting from HK$2400 for 3 days. Their organic cold-pressed juices should have you feeling breezy for the ball, and the mandatory consultations before and after will help to tailor the programme to your needs and keep you on track.


Contact The Hong Kong Juice Company here


7. Nood Cleanse 1.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Nood

Get started with Nood, a back-to-basics juice-cleanse company who will help you clean up your act. Their level-two detox is excellent for those who have a little juice-cleanse experience, with eight bottles plus two supplements of zeolite and chai seeds. A one-day detox starts at $600 – try ordering with a partner, colleague or friend and give each other an extra push to get through.


Find your nearest Nood here

 Water Juicery

7. WJ 1.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Water Juicery

If you're worried about days of bland mush, then take on a cleanse with a luxurious gourmet twist: this HK$1700 three-day cleanse is designed by Michelin-starred chef Akrame Benallal. Water Juicery beautifully balances taste and nutrition in this tantalising ten-bottle detox .


Check out their pop-up stores, or contact them here



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