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Watches Jewellery 9 Sparkling Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

9 Sparkling Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

9 Sparkling Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
By Jessie Ho
February 03, 2017
Hearts On Fire diamonds are the perfect choice for a lover's celebration


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to celebrate your love like no other. This February 14, let your love take pride of place with a special token of affection—Hearts On Fire diamonds for your beloved, the perfect gift to celebrate this romantic season. Prized for their impeccable cut and mesmerising brilliance, the dazzling mementoes from the Illa and Lorelei collections will become promises of your devotion for years to come.

The Illa collection was inspired by jewellery designer Ilaria Lanzoni’s love of the spectacular starry night sky in her hometown in Italy. The brightness of the constellations is reflected in the glittering diamonds, set in an asymmetrical five-pointed star motif to present a contemporary reinterpretation of the cosmos.

Meanwhile, the Lorelei collection displays Lanzoni’s talent for combining modern touches with antique details to create a truly timeless piece. Resplendent with the striking feminine details of scalloped edges, the collection reimagines the infinity motif to represent unending love as well as friendship.

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Here, we take you through the finest pieces of each collection to guide you in the search of the sparkle that will catch your loved one's eye. Just as the stars in the night sky make up the shining constellations, Hearts On Fire diamonds will serve as a reminder to treasure each and every moment of your time together. Furthermore, get the chance to commemorate you live by creating your own personalised video to keep your Hearts On Fire for always.

Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace

Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace_2.jpg

Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire 

The Illa Cosmic Diamond Necklace provides a modern twist on the classic star pendant with its asymmetrical design, perfect to be worn paired with other pieces or by itself.

Illa Wrap Around Diamond Comet Ring

Illa Wrap Around Diamond Comet Ring_3.jpg

Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

The Illa Wrap Around Diamond Comet Ring has diamonds snake their way around the finger onto the star motif of the collection, rendering a sparkle that is simultaneously classic and daring. 

Illa Midnight Pave Ring

Illa Midnight Pave Ring_1.jpg

Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

Featuring three diamond stars, the Illa Midnight Pave Ring is designed to give the illusion of sitting across two fingers. This chic statement ring is perfect for any lady to dazzle in. 

Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle

Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle.jpg

Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

Inspired by a shooting star, the Illa Cosmic Diamond Bangle adds the perfect degree of sparkle to any outfit—making this an ideal choice for any who favour low-key glamour. 

Lorelei Heart Pendant Necklace


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

Featuring the scalloped edge signature of the collection, the Lorelei Heart Pendant Necklace is a unique, delicate take on the classic design for the leading lady in your life.

Lorelei Crescent Diamond Pendant Necklace


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

The Lorelei Crescent Diamond Pendant Necklace transforms the feminine scalloped edges into a timeless design that is sure to prove itself a staple time and time again. 

Lorelei Crescent Diamond Earrings


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

Dazzling yet dainty, the Lorelei Crescent Diamond Earrings reimagines the infinity motif as a testament to the power of love while adding a touch of unmatched brilliance to complement any look. 

Lorelei Crescent Earrings


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire

The scalloped edge makes a reappearance in these Lorelei Crescent Earrings, framing the wave of diamonds and providing an ideal pairing for casual or formal outfits. 

Lorelai Double Link Wave Ring


Photo courtesy of Hearts On Fire 

The Lorelei Double Link Wave Ring is a fashionable addition to any women's jewellery box, comprising of four rows of perfectly cut diamonds, all with elegant curves held together by a delicate chain.

Explore the collections, available at: Chow Tai Fook, Shop G06, K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; tel: +852 2526 8649;


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