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Watches Jewellery Westworld’s James Marsden On His Watch Collection

Westworld’s James Marsden On His Watch Collection

Westworld’s James Marsden On His Watch Collection
By Charlene Co
July 05, 2017
The actor tells us about his timekeeping preferences

James_Marsden wearing IWC Portugieser Automatic_2.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of IWC

James Marsden has played everything from Prince Charming to mutant superhero, and now the actor stars as a gun-slinging android in the TV sci-fi thriller Westworld. In between acting and being a father of three, he indulges in his other passion: watches. Marsden tells us about his timekeeping preferences and turning back the clock.

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The first watch I ever owned was either a Casio F-91W or a Timex sports watch. I say sports watch because I remember it saying “Sport” on the dial and it made me feel like somehow, I was better at sports if I wore it. Like new sneakers made you run faster.

At the moment, my favourite watch is the IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar. Incredible dial and the movement is a serious one! Once set, you never have to change the time, date, or year. It’s even set up to incorporate leap years!

Watch_Portugieser Perpetual Calendar_Ref.IW503404.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of IWC

I own around 20 watches. Some very elegant and finely crafted timepieces, and some inexpensive but cool ones as well. I don’t buy a watch because it’s pricey, I buy a watch that speaks to me in some way. It could be a special and rare vintage piece or a US$100 dive watch. Each one becomes an important piece of my collection.

If I were a watch complication I’d be a minute repeater. I’m always talking or making some noise. Can’t keep my mouth shut!

If I could be any age for a week, I’d like to go back and be eight years old again. You get to be a kid for so little of your life and it would be nice to experience that again.

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