Westworld’s James Marsden On His Watch Collection

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July 5, 2017 | BY Charlene Co

The actor tells us about his timekeeping preferences

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Photo: Courtesy of IWC

James Marsden has played everything from Prince Charming to mutant superhero, and now the actor stars as a gun-slinging android in the TV sci-fi thriller Westworld. In between acting and being a father of three, he indulges in his other passion: watches. Marsden tells us about his timekeeping preferences and turning back the clock.

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The first watch I ever owned was either a Casio F-91W or a Timex sports watch. I say sports watch because I remember it saying “Sport” on the dial and it made me feel like somehow, I was better at sports if I wore it. Like new sneakers made you run faster.

At the moment, my favourite watch is the IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar. Incredible dial and the movement is a serious one! Once set, you never have to change the time, date, or year. It’s even set up to incorporate leap years!

Watch_Portugieser Perpetual Calendar_Ref.IW503404.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of IWC

I own around 20 watches. Some very elegant and finely crafted timepieces, and some inexpensive but cool ones as well. I don’t buy a watch because it’s pricey, I buy a watch that speaks to me in some way. It could be a special and rare vintage piece or a US$100 dive watch. Each one becomes an important piece of my collection.

If I were a watch complication I’d be a minute repeater. I’m always talking or making some noise. Can’t keep my mouth shut!

If I could be any age for a week, I’d like to go back and be eight years old again. You get to be a kid for so little of your life and it would be nice to experience that again.

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