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Fashion A.P.C. And Sacai Team Up For New Collaboration This March

A.P.C. And Sacai Team Up For New Collaboration This March

A.P.C. And Sacai Team Up For New Collaboration This March
The new A.P.C. x Sacai will feature the best of both world's from the two brands. (Photo: A.P.C.)
By Annie Simpson
By Annie Simpson
March 11, 2021
The new A.P.C. x Sacai unisex collection will be available from March 19, 2021

Mark your calendars, the new A.P.C. x Sacai collection will be dropping next week, on March 19, 2021. While neither brand is a stranger to collabs––since 2019, A.P.C. have been inviting what they refer to as "friends of the brand", including Kid Cudi, Suzanne Koller, Brain Dead, Goop, Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Chesnais to create small collections together; not to mention Sacai's famed partnership with Nike––the new capsule collection masterly harnesses the key values of both brands to truly bring something new to the table.

Presented as an essentially unisex collection, named Interaction#9, the focus of the pieces is on uniting the iconic materials of each brand, namely denim and nylon. The result of Sacai's influence on the famously minimalist brand not only brings a new approach to A.P.C.’s star clothing items of jeans and denim jackets, but also a twist to its classic tees and sweatshirts, with the collection featuring zipper effects and a choice of very heavyweight materials. The merging of the two names has also resulted in the fun mixing of logos, with SA.P.C.Ai seen splashed across several of the pieces.

As A.P.C.'s founder Jean Touitou explains, “This Interaction is a precise illustration of how A.P.C. and Sacai came together, inter-weaving diverse elements of language to achieve a sort of crossbreed that represents the style of our two brands. These pieces are unusual for us, as they push the limits of what we might call ‘wearability’ as far as possible."

The A.P.C. x Sacai collection will be in stores and online from March 19, and will be available in sizes XXS to XL. Discover more at

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