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Beauty Beauty Picks: Carolina Herrera de Baez

Beauty Picks: Carolina Herrera de Baez

Beauty Picks: Carolina Herrera de Baez
By Emilie Yabut-Razon
January 10, 2019
Celebrating the launch of the Good Girl line of perfumes in Asia, the woman behind Carolina Herrera fragrances shares her beauty picks and things she’s excited about
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera
Photo: Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

What’s an ingredient you’d like to use in your next perfume?

Orchids. They’re interesting and there’s a huge variety.

Red or nude lipstick?

Red. Very red.

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Photo: Courtesy of YSL
Photo: Courtesy of YSL

What three products are always in your handbag?

Rosebud lip balm, lipstick (Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique or Mac), and a little travel pot for my face cream and hand cream.

What’s your latest beauty discovery?

Face oils. Kama is great, and I use it before I use moisturiser. Where I live, Madrid, tends to be very dry.

What’s your favourite hair product?

Moroccan hair oil.

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Photo: Oliver Niblett for
Photo: Oliver Niblett for

What’s your favourite city?

New York is still my favourite city in the world. I know it well. I love the energy. I love the mix. I love the fact that it’s very impersonal but at the same time can be very personal.

I love all its contrasts.

How do you stay fit?

I follow the Tracy Anderson method. I do yoga, run and sometimes work out with a trainer. I know this sounds like a lot, but I try to work out three times a week. I also love dancing.

Success smells like...

Maybe Carolina Herrera 212, because it was my first creation and it’s still very successful. 

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