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Beauty Bella Hadid's Beauty Tips For Great Skin

Bella Hadid's Beauty Tips For Great Skin

Bella Hadid's Beauty Tips For Great Skin
By Hong Kong Tatler
August 07, 2017
The fashion model shares her tricks of the trade for beauty and skincare

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Oscar de la Renta A/W17 (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans)

She's only 20 but has already taken the fashion world by storm, having walked runways for the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Balmain. The face of Nars' fall colour collection shares her top beauty picks and secrets for great skin. 

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What is your definition of beauty?

Being strong and confident from the inside out. I think the most beautiful people are the ones who leave an impression on your heart from their kindness and love. 

What is your skin care regimen?

I usually keep my skin regime very simple. I wash my face, apply a good mask, followed by an oily serum. 

 Tell us about your typical makeup routine?

My typical makeup includes beautiful, glowy skin, a gold eye, and long, thin eye liner. 

eye and eyeliner.jpgPhotos: Courtesy of Shutterstock

As a model, does your routine change from working days to non-working days? What about day to night?

I always like to keep my skin care routine consistent. I have very sensitive skin so I like to stay with the products that I know are good for me. 

Growing up, did your mom give you beauty advice?

Growing up my mom taught me about products that are good for your skin, specifically serums and oils. She was an advocate for healthy skin and started to teach me about a proper skin routine before makeup.

What do you look for when selecting makeup (ease of use, color, etc.)?

I always select shades that I know will go well with my eye color and skin tone. I love gold and taupe hues, but sometimes I like to add a pop of color on my eyes or lips

What is the best beauty advice you ever received?

Drink water. I know it sounds generic but drinking water will help with just about anything. 

bella hadid mom.jpg

Photo: @bellahadid/Instagram

 Who are your beauty icons?

The originals, of course—Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. In terms of skin—Riley Montana is my icon forever. She has the most beautiful complexion.

What are your beauty indulgences?

Face masks

What music do you like to listen to when you’re getting ready?

Any hip-hop or R&B will always get me in the mood to get ready.

What’s your favourite make-up product?

I love Nars foundations, which provides great coverage.

nars foundation double.jpgPhotos: Courtesy of Nars

What is one beauty product you can’t leave the house without?

Lip gloss! 

Are there any beauty trends you’d love to try? Or ones you would never consider?

I want to try a brightly colored eyeshadow. Anything with color is exciting and new to me.

 What is your beauty or skincare routine when you travel?

I always have to keep moisturiser, moisturising masks, and face products with me when I travel. I keep my beauty routine very simple because for me, heavy makeup doesn't do well with jetlag.

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