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Beauty The Black Orchid: Tom Ford Celebrates a Decade of Decadence

The Black Orchid: Tom Ford Celebrates a Decade of Decadence

The Black Orchid: Tom Ford Celebrates a Decade of Decadence
By Rebecca Cairns
November 15, 2016
Tom Ford celebrates the 10th anniversary of his iconic fragrance by paying tribute to the precious black orchid which started it all



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford


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Photo courtesy of Tom Ford



Photo courtesy of Tom Ford

Tom Ford has always been drawn to the rare and opulent. That is perhaps why the exquisite and elusive black orchid became an object of fascination 10 years ago: “To me, it is the perfect flower…luxurious, elegant, pure and sophisticated.” 

It is this man-made legendary black orchid which is the foundational ingredient in Tom Ford’s fragrance, Black Orchid. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the American designer marked the occasion with a creative art installation at the Rockefeller Centre in New York, bringing together the three fragrances from his orchid range: Black Orchid,  Velvet Orchid, and the newest addition, Orchid Soleil.

A 3-D film experience  from artist Steven Sebring began the installation, showing the complexity of the deep purple, red and aubergine that make up the rare flower. “Not only was it an incredibly beautiful flower, but it also had this wonderful scent,” says Ford over the video. “We were able to capture the headspace where you actually capture the molecules in the air around the bloom. The scent of the black orchid forms the heart of the fragrance Tom Ford Black Orchid.”

The installation continued with a sensory exhibition in which guests experienced the composition of the perfume accord by accord: the black orchid itself; black truffle, yiang, bergamot and black currant; black orchid, black pepper and black plum; and finally, black vanilla, pineapple, coconut, warm milk, cinnamon, smoky sandalwood and patchouli. The resulting dramatic fragrance is soft yet rich, fruity but spicy.

Guests were finally shown to an exhibition of the history of Tom Ford Beauty. Favourite advertising campaigns, coveted packaging designs and media accolades were showcased to highlight the impact of this iconic fragrance.

“Beauty is about amplifying your individuality and showing the world who you are, with maximum impact,” says the designer. It is perhaps this desire for individuality which stimulates our craving for the rare and extraordinary, and orchids in all their precious variations inspire the exceptional and fuels.  

In further celebration of the anniversary, Tom Ford Beauty has created two colour collections to complement the Black and Velvet Orchid scents. With softer lilac hues for the latter, the Black Orchid fragrance has inspired a colour palette rich with contrasting golds. Only something so decadent could truly honour a flower as rare as the black orchid.



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