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Watches JewelleryCartier Libre Watches Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Cartier Libre Watches Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Cartier Libre Watches Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 02, 2019
We give you a peek at Cartier's new colourful, vintage-inspired watch collection set to be introduced later this month

New year, new colourful you–at least according to Cartier. In its latest dazzling watch collection called Cartier Libre, we are about to see the world in gorgeous tones of burgundy, emerald and gold. This is thanks to three beautifully designed timepieces that fuse the aesthetics of a past era with the precision of modern technology.

All three of these watches speak to a modern trend for wearing timepieces so beautiful they outclass much of the jewellery on offer–allowing you to streamline your accessories day and night with one dramatic piece.

Cartier Libre is at the forefront of this trend, with watches that fuse femininity with glittering extravagance, playing with the maison’s many signature forms and aesthetics. And while none of these limited-edition pieces are available on the market quite yet, here is a sneak preview of three that will be released in Geneva at SIHH this month.

Tank Chinoise Red Watch (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)
Tank Chinoise Red Watch (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)

First up is the Tank Chinoise Red Watch. Cartier chose to use this watch, which is unforgettable thanks to its dramatic rectangular face and rows of precious stones, because of its historical importance. First designed in 1921, its unusual shape has been iconic for nearly a century. And now it has been paired with a colour imbued with particularly strong symbolism in China: red.

Red is used throughout the timepiece. The face is bordered by two lintels of calibrated rubies, highlighted by black enamel, while a line of diamonds adorns the brancards and edge. The dramatic contrast between the two stones emphasises the original architectural reference of the watch.

Diagonale Watch (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)
Diagonale Watch (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)

Next up is the Diagonale watch, a piece that is almost guaranteed to be cooed over any time you wear it out, thanks to its arresting criss-cross design, which is highlighted by two diagonal rows of brilliant-cut diamonds. With a minuscule dial distinctively stamped with Cartier’s watchmaking codes, the Diagonale watch pays homage to Cartier’s heritage of disrupting the classics with unusual designs that delight the eye.

Baignoire Alongée in Black (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)
Baignoire Alongée in Black (Photo: Courtesy of Cartier)

Finally, there is the Baignoire Alongée, which comes in celadon or black. The most ornate of the three, this watch is gloriously creative and a spectacle in a timepiece. It is studded with emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, black spinels, yellow sapphires or diamonds and dazzles on the wrist, threating to outdo even the most dramatic of gowns.

In moonlight or by candlelight, each gemstone becomes a minuscule speck of colour, while the dial in the middle is paved with diamonds that dazzle at night. It is the ultimate in elegant timepieces and an object you will want to pass on to your daughters and granddaughters.

Ultimately, Cartier is a brand that disrupts and endures–a maison that sets trends in horology that then remain iconic for centuries to come. Which means owning one of their watches is like keeping a piece of art safe on your wrist.

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