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Beauty Celebrity Make-Up Artist Kalam Chu On How To Get Perfect Smokey Eyes

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Kalam Chu On How To Get Perfect Smokey Eyes

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Kalam Chu On How To Get Perfect Smokey Eyes
By Samantha Topp
April 30, 2019
Leading Hong Kong make-up artist Kalam Chu shows us how to transform your everyday eyeshadow into a chic nighttime look in a few easy steps

We caught up with Kalam of Kalamakeup—one of Hong Kong's top make-up artists who has worked with some of fashion's biggest names including Chanel and Fendi—to learn about her favourite eyeshadow tricks, including how to nail the perfect smokey eye, and to find out why eye care is so important.

What eye make-up tools should everyone own?

A good eyelash curler that is suitable for your eye shape, waterproof eyeliner and a good mascara.

What tips do you have for properly removing eye make-up?

If you are wearing upper inner eyeliner, it’s best to dip the cotton tips into the eye make-up remover and carefully remove the liner. If you're wearing normal eyeliner and waterproof mascara, apply a remover to two or three soft cotton pads and gently rotate the damp cotton pads around the eye area.

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Photo: Courtesy of Kalam Chu
Photo: Courtesy of Kalam Chu

Why is it important to massage your eyes and use an eye cream?

Massaging the eye area creates blood circulation around the eye area, which can help reduce puffiness and swelling under the eye.
Use an oil-free [eye cream] formula because the skin around the eyes is very thin, so you don’t want to have oil spots around the eyes. In my kit, I have the Philips VisaPure Advanced Home Facial Device because it massages the eye area as well as the entire face. Just make sure to apply some moisturiser before the massage. It makes massaging your eyes and face quick, easy and enjoyable.

Photo: Courtesy of Kalam Chu
Photo: Courtesy of Kalam Chu

How would you do a natural, everyday eye make-up look?

First of all, curl your lashes before putting on any make-up as this will help avoid having to reapply eyeliner or eyeshadow later. Then, use a waterproof dark brown eyeliner pencil on both the upper and lower inner eyeline. After that, add a bronzy earth-tone eyeshadow.

My favourites are from Marc Jacobs or Charlotte Tilbury, which apply onto the eyelids in the shape of an almond.
If you want to soften the eyeliner she recommends applying an earth-toned eyeshadow onto the upper and lower outer eyeline, and she finishes the look with some waterproof mascara which will help the lashes stay curled for the whole day.

How would you create a dramatic, smokey eye?

Use a dark eyeliner pencil—black, army green or dark brown—directly onto the eyelids in an almond shape and blend it out. Then, apply a lighter tone of shadow over the blended eyeliner and add a darker tone of eyeshadow only above the lash line.

Finish up the smokey eye look with black waterproof eyeliner on the lower eyeline, and use a medium-toned eyeshadow to soften the lower outer eyeliner.

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