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Watches Jewellery Charity Start-Up Joye Offers Stylish Bracelets For a Cause

Charity Start-Up Joye Offers Stylish Bracelets For a Cause

Charity Start-Up Joye Offers Stylish Bracelets For a Cause
By Joanna Lam
September 01, 2015

Adorn yourself with chic charm bracelets that go toward helping the underprivileged worldwide

Newly launched in February this year, Joye is a fashion brand based in Hong Kong which creates customised-charm bracelets for charity.

Dr. Joerg Zobel, the brainchild behind this start-up, draws inspiration from the belief that “fashion has the power to make this world a happier place.”

By partnering with charity organisations supported by social enterprise Friends International, the brand donates funds to those who are in need per each purchase. With notable fans including Reyna Harilela, Sean Lee-Davies, and Gaile Lok, who love the minimalistic and stylish design of each lamb-leather-made bracelet. Each bracelet comes with one smile charm and one charity charm, which are all made of quality stainless steel.

For those who like to further embellish their bracelets, additional charms across various themes are available for purchase, namely Love, Wisdom, Energy and Trust.

By purchasing each charm, we can offer support the underprivileged across different continents for various areas including education, healthcare, safety and food. For example, the purchase of one Wisdom charm pays for the textbooks and stationary for a child for one school year. 

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