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Watches Jewellery Chaumet’s New Boléro Is A Gem Of A Watch

Chaumet’s New Boléro Is A Gem Of A Watch

Chaumet’s New Boléro Is A Gem Of A Watch
By Charlene Co
March 07, 2019
Marrying the delicacy of jewellery-making and the precision of horology, Chaumet’s new Boléro is an oh-so-elegant timepiece

A distinctive sophistication emanates from a timepiece made by a jewellery brand. Every aspect of its design is carefully considered—from the contour of the bezel and shape of the crown right down to the integration of the strap—and presented with such finesse that it feels as if the timepiece is part watch, part meticulously polished jewel. Boléro, Chaumet’s latest model, embodies this aesthetic.

Its name was taken from Maurice Ravel’s celebrated piece of music of the same name, which he wrote for the Russian dancer Ida Rubinstein.

“[The late choreographer] Maurice Béjart also created an exceptional piece of dance for this composition—20 minutes of very dramatic, powerful and intense dancing,” says Jean-Marc Mansvelt, the CEO of Chaumet. “The crescendo of the Boléro, the choreography, the round table on which the principal dancer performs, the grace, character and inner strength are very much linked to the watch.”

Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet
Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet

Designed to recreate the suppleness of a dance movement, the Boléro watch feels and looks particularly sensual, thanks to its golden hue, shapely bezel, sweeping profile, pared-down dial and fluid strap.

Elements of the watch are also inspired by emblematic timepieces from Chaumet’s history, and the Boléro captures the maison’s characteristic mastery of line in particular. In certain lights, with its glittering, smooth strap and dazzling face, the watch looks closer to a high-fashion bracelet in gold mesh than a timepiece.

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“At Chaumet, all the pieces look like they were crafted by a jeweller, and I believe we have accomplished that here once again,” says Mansvelt. “When we were designing this piece, it was all about the design, the lines and the shapes. The design of the Boléro is not in your face; it is very discreet and very elegant.”

Pianist Alice Sara Ott wears a Boléro watch (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)
Pianist Alice Sara Ott wears a Boléro watch (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)

This timepiece is particularly notable for its second-skin softness; place it on your wrist and at times you will forget you are wearing a watch, thanks to a fluidity and lightness that are very unusual in the world of horology. This jewellery-like delicacy is found in every detail, including the sculptural crown and the dazzling mirrored clasp. 

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The Boléro is available in rose or yellow gold, and with a white or black dial. There are two sizes: the 36mm version is equipped with a Swiss automatic movement, while the 30mm one is powered by quartz.

Boléro watch in pink gold with a black dial and 36mm case (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)
Boléro bracelet in yellow gold (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)
Boléro watch in yellow gold with a white dial and a 30mm case (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)
Boléro ring in pink gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)

Interestingly, this is Chaumet’s first watch not connected to a jewellery collection. However, there are rings and bracelets in yellow or pink gold that can be bought with it and look particularly striking when paired with the watch.

Ultimately, this is a watch that can draw attention or sit discreetly on the wrist, complementing casual or formal attire. As well as being beautiful, the Boléro is one versatile accessory and will be available in Hong Kong later this month.

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