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Beauty Chinese Actress Elaine Zhong: "Women Are Powerful"

Chinese Actress Elaine Zhong: "Women Are Powerful"

Chinese Actress Elaine Zhong: "Women Are Powerful"
Photo: Courtesy of Clarins
By Annie Darling
By Annie Darling
August 22, 2019
Leading lady Elaine Zhong shares her beauty secrets and speaks to Hong Kong Tatler about her upcoming films

What do you look for in an acting role?

I try to find a character that I have something in common with. Even if it's just minor–a similarity helps me to understand the role and play the character better.

What are you currently working on?

I've spent the last year working on several amazing films, so I'm very happy to share that I'll be in four films that'll be launched very soon.

One is called Liberation, which is directed by Li Shaohong and set in early Republican China. It was so thrilling to participate in this film, as it's full of heart-warming stories. I also acted in August Not The End and Wild Grass. Both are lively and energetic. 

The latest film I've acted in is a love story, but I'm afraid I have to keep its name a secret for the time being.

How do you stay in shape?

I don't diet. I eat whatever I want or like, but I try to maintain a healthy balance between what I eat and the amount I exercise. When I eat too much, I'll work out more.

What's your beauty tip for autumn?

Stay hydrated! Moisturising products are a must-have during the autumn and winter months, especially for me because my skin gets dry in the cold weather.

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What beauty products couldn't you live without?

This question is too difficult to answer!

Can make-up be empowering?

Women are powerful, and their power is far-reaching. Nowadays, women are able to express their beauty in various forms.

I believe skincare and make-up can be used to empower women. It can give them confidence and strength.

What's your first memory of make-up?

I first started dancing when I was a child, so I wore make-up long before I became an actress. In the very beginning, my make-up was done by my dance teacher.

As time went by and with a lot of practice, I became more skilful and found the right make-up look for me, which brought out my character.

What perfume do you wear?

I prefer a fresh and natural scent. A soothing fragrance appeals to me.

Tell us about your skincare regime.

It’s important to hydrate your skin, especially if you live and work in a city, which can be very stressful and full of pollution.

I always cleanse to keep my skin in good condition. I apply Clarins’ V Shaping Facial Lift serum, which helps remove dead skin cells and assists in the absorption of moisturisers.

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