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Weddings Hong Kong's Coolest Rides For Brides

Hong Kong's Coolest Rides For Brides

Hong Kong's Coolest Rides For Brides
By Rebecca Cairns
May 16, 2017
Horse drawn carriages are so last season


Photo: Thinkstock

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re planning a wedding, but arriving on time to get whisked off into the sunset is pretty important.

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Forget golden chariots and horse-drawn carriages, and scrap your plans to hire a Hong Kong Tram: these five luxe rides are the perfect wheels for your wedding day:

Rolls-Royce Phantom

rollys royce from RR site.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Rolls-Royce

Stretch out with Hong Kong Limousine Service. Stately but chic, the 2003 Rolls-Royce Phantom, the luxe modern successor of the 20th-century Limited Phantom range, keeps things traditional without sacrificing style.

With leather upholstery and the signature rear-hinged Rolls-Royce coach doors, it’s a striking car for the discerning bride, and there’s room for four so you can have your nearest and dearest with you for the journey.

Porsche Boxster

Boxster Porsche.jpeg

Photo: Courtesy of Porsche 

For the bride with a bold sense of style, this choice is a no-brainer. The yellow Porsche Boxster is loud, sure, but it’s also one of the most beautiful sports cars out there—not to mention quick, with a top speed of 256km (we wouldn’t recommend pulling up to the little white chapel at that pace).

The sleek design of this convertible will make city driving a breeze, and Avis Prestige are one of the leading car rental agencies in the world, so you’re assured of excellent service.

Morris 8

antique morris.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Classic Rolls 

Fans of vintage cars might be swept off their feet by the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II or the Bentley Mark IV, but Classic Rolls have something even cooler hidden up their sleeve. The real star of the show is the antique Morris 8.

This car was all the rage in the 1930s and ‘40s, and Classic Rolls have one of the earlier two-seater open-top tour models with the original chrome-coated honeycomb grill. It hasn’t lost any of its charm, and is the perfect old-time convertible to give your big day some retro chic.

London Taxi

Jubilee LDN taxi.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Jubilee

If you’re a bit of an Anglophile, Jubilees’ fleet of London taxis is the perfect ride for you. The motorised rendition of the Hackney Carriage has been around since 1901, and later became the preferred mode of transport in London when it replaced all of the traditional horse and carriages.

Whether you’re channelling your inner Queen Elizabeth II or just after a Brit-themed do, trade in the traditional limo for a black (or white, pink, or purple) saloon-style cab.

Ferrari California

exotic cars Kl-Showroom-3-copy.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Ferrari

What’s better than one Ferrari? Probably an entire fleet of them. If you’ve been California dreaming of a beachy West Coast wedding, Exotic Cars’ sporty hard-top, folding-metal convertible is the ultimate way to roll up to your big day.

Unexpected, luxurious and powerful enough to impress any petrolhead (it has a 4.3L V8 engine and seven-speed dual clutch transmission), this is a contemporary classic for the modern bride.

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