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Beauty Discover La Prairie’s The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition

Discover La Prairie’s The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition

Discover La Prairie’s The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition
By Rachel Read
August 31, 2018
An artistic celebration of La Prairie’s revolutionary Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

Prestigious Swiss brand La Prairie has long been renowned as being at the cutting-edge of beauty innovation—and their quest for exceptional skincare has yielded countless iconic products over the years.

Never a company to rest on their laurels, La Prairie have now created a remastered version of their legendary Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. Packed with the incredible nourishing powers of Caviar Premier, this powerhouse moisturiser promises to restore and rejuvenate complexions like never before—and what better way for a brand that has elevated skincare into an artform to mark the occasion than with an art exhibition that beautifully celebrates the concept of remastered masterpieces?

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition, which is on display at H Queen’s in Central from September 6-9, 2018, sees La Prairie honour the enduring influence of pioneering artist Niki de Saint Phalle—whose prominent use of cobalt blue inspired the Swiss beauty brand’s famous signature colour—through a stunning collaboration with contemporary Swiss artist Manon Wertenbroek.

Alongside Ms de Saint Phalle’s acclaimed Pouf Serpent Bleu artwork, The Masterpiece Remastered will showcase an exclusive series of three pieces created by Ms Wertenbroek especially for La Prairie that pay tribute to indulgence, aesthetics and technological scientific innovation—a fitting reflection not only of Ms de Saint Phalle’s legacy, but also La Prairie’s illustrious heritage of caviar expertise and their timeless pursuit of purity, precision and technological excellence.

Video: Courtesy of La Prairie

“In my work, I am constantly seeking the right balance between the instinctive and imprecise aspects of the piece and the precision of the reflective surfaces with which I work,” Ms Wertenbroek says. “I see this same devotion to precision, balance and beauty in the La Prairie aesthetic and approach, which is what attracted to me to this project,”

In the piece Mirrors, Ms Wertenbroek explores the infinite relationship between two reflective surfaces, the pair of hands and faces representing the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

The complexity and advanced technology used to create her next piece, Blue Portrait, reflects Ms Wertenbroek’s respect for purity and precision in her designs.

Finally, the deep lines of Window Glimpse evoke the parallel frames of a row of windows—an embodiment of the moments when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in shop windows, denoting those fleeting indulgences of stolen glances we hope no other passers-by will notice.

To see these exquisite artworks for yourself, register here to guarantee attendance for La Prairie’s The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition.

La Prairie’s The Masterpiece Remastered Exhibition will be running from 11am to 8pm on September 6-9, 2018 at Hart H, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central


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