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Beauty FANCL Champions A Zero Preservatives Approach To Beauty

FANCL Champions A Zero Preservatives Approach To Beauty

FANCL Champions A Zero Preservatives Approach To Beauty
Photo: Courtesy of FANCL
By Tatler Hong Kong
June 15, 2020
Tatler+ FANCL
The Japanese brand proves that less is more when it comes to skincare

Health and wellness have grown to become a significant factor when we are deciding what to eat, what to drink and what to use on our skin. Just as we would like to reduce the amount of preservatives that we consume as part of a healthier diet, it also pays to do the same when it comes to what we put on our skin—the body’s largest organ.

Through years of research, and 530 patents, FANCL has managed to develop a wide range of skincare that is both effective and free of any preservatives, making “zero preservatives” and “100% beauty” the two key attributes for its brand.

Photo: Courtesy of FANCL
Photo: Courtesy of FANCL

The Three Unique Attributes of FANCL’s “Zero Preservatives” Products

FANCL products feature three elements in its packaging to ensure that its preservative-free formulas retain its freshness and effectiveness. FANCL's products are all packaged in smaller bottles that contain enough for approximately 60 applications, so that the formula is at its best and working to keep your skin smooth and glowing, down to the last drop. All the products are filled in a fully automatic and sterile production line and then hermetically sealed—a patented method of packaging that FANCL came up with as another way to retain the quality of its products without using zero preservatives.

In addition, each product is stamped with the full production date rather than a best before date, so users will clearly know how long it has been since the product was sealed.

Photo: Courtesy of FANCL
Photo: Courtesy of FANCL
Photo: Courtesy of FANCL

Driven by innovation

FANCL believes that preservatives in skincare can speed up the ageing process by affecting the metabolism levels of the skin cells, potentially triggering an allergic reaction. Preservatives might also have a negative effect on the skin’s ability to produce collagen and encourage more pigmentation to form on the surface.

Photo: Courtesy of FANCL
Photo: Courtesy of FANCL

In addition to the traditional skincare products such as cleaners, serums and moisturizers, users can also work on achieving beautiful, healthy skin from within with FANCL’s range of health supplements, which was developed in collaboration with both local Japanese and international universities.

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The company’s zero preservatives approach started in 1980, when it wanted to break free from tradition and create products that consumers can use without worrying that it will irritate their skin. Their innovative approach to skincare is as appealing as ever in 2020, given the growing importance that people place on health and wellness. The 30-plus years that it has invested in developing its products, along with its team of more than 190 experts working at its two integrated research centres in Japan and its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified production facilities, means that FANCL is constantly working on new formulas without compromising its stance on preservative use.

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