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Beauty FANCL: Zero Preservatives, 100% Beauty

FANCL: Zero Preservatives, 100% Beauty

FANCL: Zero Preservatives, 100% Beauty
By Hong Kong Tatler
November 01, 2019
FANCL’s new Daily Care Series allows your skin to look clear and radiant, with none of the drawbacks

The fight for perfect skin might be over. If you’re on a constant hunt for the best skincare products, switching brands and regimens in a bid for better results, Japanese beauty giant FANCL has your answer: zero preservative skincare products that provide 100% of the nourishing, radiant benefits without any of the drawbacks.

If you wouldn’t put certain preservatives and additives inside your body, why would you put them on your skin, which is your body’s largest organ? Studies show that daily application and accumulation of preservatives on the skin can potentially enter your bloodstream—and, for some people, could cause a variety of skin problems, including skin cell damage, sensitivity, collagen degradation and pigmentation, as well as premature skin ageing—not to mention some preservatives decrease the efficacy of the product itself.”

Since 1980, the brand has become a pioneer of zero preservative skincare, patenting more than 500 technologies in its state of the art research and development facilities.

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All-New Daily Care Series

Given that history, it’s no surprise that the brand’s new Daily Care Series marks another milestone when it comes to zero preservative beauty. The series, which includes the Enrich line and its two products—the Enrich Lotion and Enrich Emulsion—promises zero skin problems, avoiding negative effects by using 100% pure, active ingredients that allow your skin to unlock its full potential for beauty by boosting collagen synthesis and repairing damaged collagen, resulting in a smooth and firm complexion. The products in the Daily Care Series are also formulated to seal in moisture, so your skin feels nourished all day and night.

Additionally, the line boasts a new formula that boosts the skin’s ability to fight damage caused by the toxins it’s exposed to throughout the day; new ingredients replenish nutrients and restore the skin to its inherent level of health. The line also penetrates the skin deeply for maximum rehydration, refinement and restoration.

Across the board, the brand ensures that its products feature only the freshest, purest, most active nutrients, with zero preservatives or additives. It does this using three important methods. First, FANCL products are packaged in small bottles so that they are used when the ingredients are still fresh. Second, they are created on a closed, fully automated and hygienic production line, and immediately sealed. And finally, the production date is clearly marked on the label, keeping customers informed of when the product is at its best.

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Beauty FANCL No Preservatives 100% Beauty


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