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Beauty FANCL's Premium Beauty Selection Is A Winter Wonder

FANCL's Premium Beauty Selection Is A Winter Wonder

FANCL's Premium Beauty Selection Is A Winter Wonder
By Hong Kong Tatler
December 03, 2019
FANCL’s limited edition Premium Beauty Selection set combats winter skin problems and gives you 100 per cent beauty with zero preservatives

The coming of winter heralds cooler, crisper weather—and with it a slew of skincare considerations, from dryness to dullness to fine lines. With mature skin, these are issues all year round, and the colder seasons simply exacerbate them. That’s why, during this time of year, investing in skincare products that counteract dryness and cold weather is key.

Fortunately, leading Japanese skincare brand FANCL has launched its limited edition Premium Beauty Selection set just in time for the season. Unlike other brands on the market, FANCL takes a “0 Preservatives” approach, completely doing away with preservatives that can accumulate in the skin, damaging skin cells, accelerating ageing and negating anti-ageing effects by damaging the structure of collagen, which keeps the skin supple. With FANCL’s Premium Beauty Selection set, you can guard against the colder seasons and experience 100 per cent of the beautifying benefits with none of the negative side effects.

The set brings back healthy, glowing skin, relieving both environmental and mental stress with four different products, each geared towards distinct skincare considerations.

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Extra Precious Oil

This refreshing beauty essence oil enables your skin to retain moisture overnight. It comprises two layers, each serving different functions. The oil layer is anti-oxidising, enhancing skin metabolism by promoting blood circulation in capillaries and locking in moisture to prevent water loss, while the essence layer hydrates your skin, promotes collagen synthesis and enhances firmness. Not only that: the oil also comes with a soft, relaxing scent and a non sticky feel that will leave your skin refreshed.

Wrinkle Cream

This cream targets the wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and along the nasolabial folds, or smile lines, located in the area between your nose and mouth. Besides remedying problems with the skin, restoring firmness and repairing elastin and collagen to enhance resilience and plumpness, it also has a preventative effect, dealing with wrinkles before they even form.

BC Essence

Wrinkles and sagging skin are caused by the decline and accumulation of old collagen, which impedes the generation of new collagen. This anti-ageing essence combats wrinkles, dullness and dry skin by removing the old collagen and generating new collagen, making nutrient absorption easier and improving metabolism. Dull skin is repaired, restored and revitalised to a state of radiant translucence. As mature skin also lacks both moisture and the lipids that retain skin moisture, the essence replenishes both of these, making the skin supple and hydrated.


W Moist Cream Mask

Last but not least, treat your face with this mask, which contains 20ml of essence—almost as much as an entire tube. It combines the effects of the previous three products into one—moisturising, replenishing lipids, introducing collagen and locking in moisture.

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