First Look: Armani Beauty CREMA NERA Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Anti-Ageing Cream


October 10, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

To celebrate a decade since the launch of its luxurious CREMA NERA collection, Giorgio Armani Beauty releases a chic rendition of its signature Supreme Reviving Cream


It’s been 10 years since Giorgio Armani Beauty revolutionised the world of skincare with the launch of its CREMA NERA collection. To celebrate this milestone, the brand has released a limited edition 10th anniversary anti-ageing cream that brings together state-of-the-art design and luxurious skincare.  

The limited edition CREMA NERA Supreme Reviving Cream comes in a stylish black glass jar and is presented in a signature “Armani Red” box—a colour that Giorgio Armani personally selected for the occasion as it represents a statement about a new femininity; strong and powerful while at the same time sensual and sophisticated. In other words, a colour that embodies the quintessential Armani woman. Both the original formula and a sheerer "light" formula are available. 


The CREMA NERA Supreme Reviving Cream is a hydrating skin balm revered for its unique and delicate texture; on application it feels like a silky nourishing oil that becomes one with the skin, leaving it fresh, glowing and radiant. Over time, applying this luxurious cream becomes a daily delight for the senses as it works to tighten, revive and brighten your complexion.


Since its inception in 2007, Giorgio Armani Beauty's CREMA NERA collection has been a leader in anti-ageing skincare with its line of promising and effective products that combine nature's best-kept secrets with innovative anti-ageing technology.

The secret behind the collection's success is the use of a trademarked "Reviscentalis" extract taken from resurrection plants, which is the foundation of all CREMA NERA products. Prized for its healing properties, the "Reviscentalis" extract boasts unparalleled revitalizing and renewing potency that breathes new life into your skin while stimulating the senses, thanks to the presence of four essential minerals—potassium, silicon, magnesium and sodium. 

These are the same minerals found in the warm waters off the island of Pantelleria; a place that's dear to Giorgio Armani. The 4000-year-old island is for its fertile and mineral-rich volcanic land that nourishes and boosts the growth of plants in its relentless terrain. The island's mystery and resilience is the core inspiration behind the CREMA NERA collection. 


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