From Rome To HK: 5 Best Places To Eat In Rome

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September 13, 2018 | BY Alexandra Purcell

The third in our five-part series, Hong Kong A-listers discuss their favourite places to shop, eat and see in the Eternal City


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Former model-turned-chef Esther Sham knows her stuff when it comes to good food. Founder of Hong Kong restaurant Maison ES and private dining space Ta Pantry, Esther takes a trip down memory lane with her first trip to Rome, recalling back-packing and Mediterranean cuisine.

“Of course, I was on a different budget back then,” she smiles, “but food in Italy is just so good no matter the price-tag, so it didn’t matter.” In her opinion, the fresh produce and Mediterranean diet are some of the best in the world and although dishes might seem simple, she believes the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference.

Though she likes to reminisce, the present-day Esther is usually on a busy schedule. When she’s not at one of her restaurants, having dinner with husband Sunny, or taking care of her two children and adorable shih tzu, Xiao Fung, you’ll find her at the hottest events in town. But if she had only two minutes to recommend one dish to someone visiting Rome, what would it be? “Gelato!” she says, without hesitation.

Explore Esther Sham's five top places to eat in Rome:

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