Hong Kong’s Top Fashion Designers Showcased In Vietnam


November 8, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s In Style: Hong Kong series of events exposed Ho Chi Minh City buyers to some of Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle brands


Vietnam and Hong Kong have had a long and fruitful relationship when it comes to food, culture and art. But fashion is also about to have its moment in the limelight, thanks to the two-day In Style ∙ Hong Kong series of events that the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) held in Ho Chi Minh City in September, bringing more than 130 of Hong Kong’s leading branded and designer-led lifestyle products to the city, and attracting more than 2,900 participants from Vietnam and neighbouring countries. 

The first day of In Style ∙ Hong Kong also included a symposium, featuring opening speeches by Paul Chan, Hong Kong’s financial secretary, and Vincent Lo, chairman of the HKTDC.

It ended on a stylish note with the In Style ∙ Hong Kong Gala Dinner, held at the dazzling InterContinental Saigon Hotel. The theme was aptly Starry Night on the Waterfront, with 360 government officials and business leaders from Vietnam and Hong Kong in attendance.

The dinner was prepared with Vietnamese and Cantonese elements in mind, the work of star Hong Kong chefs KK Chan and Vicky Lau.

Once they were sated with delicious food, guests were entertained by a fashion presentation that celebrated the áo dài, the traditional Vietnamese dress worn for centuries throughout the country. With its high neck, long sleeves and neat, fitted silhouette, it bears a striking resemblance to Hong Kong’s cheongsam—a similarity that was not lost on the organisers.

The cheongsam has now officially been made part of the prestigious Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, and the fashion show also featured a showcase of cheongsams created by three of Hong Kong’s top fashion designers, Grace Choi, Polly Ho and Janko Lam.

Grace Choi’s collection was inspired by Vietnam’s national flower the lotus, coveted for its delicate pink petals and green, velvety leaves; Polly Ho’s collection took as its inspiration the Asian folktale Grain in Ear, signalling the coming of summer with tropical-fruit prints; while Janko Lam used denim to signify the blending of Chinese and Vietnamese cultures via both countries’ famed rivers.

Delicious food, creative clothes and high-quality designs from Hong Kong: what could be better?

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