people in this story

Emily Lam-Ho

Setting up a non-profit organisation in 2017; married to Kent Ho and they have two children.

Eleanor Lam

Social media influencer

Adrienne Hui

Former private banker; married to Justin and a full-time mother to their two children.

Sabrina Fung-Lam

Fitness fanatic; group managing director of Fung Retailing; married to Kevin Lam.

Michelle Ong-Cheung

Director and creative head of Carnet Jewellery; founder of the First Initiative Foundation.

Antonia Li

Co-founder, Indicube

Feiping Chang

Model and fashionista

Yolanda Choy-Tang

Outdoors enthusiast; founding partner of Central Weddings and Vera Wang Bridal.

Olivia Lee-Davies

Consultant for business development with TVB; founding vice-chair of the HKU Bone Health Fund.

Kristine Li

Property manager and fashion blogger

Jaime Ku

Stylish managing partner of PR, marketing and events management firm Buzz Agency.

Tansy Lau-Tom

Member of the Wing Lung Bank dynasty and keen supporter of Hong Kong Dog Rescue.