How to Have a Stylish Loft Wedding in Hong Kong


November 8, 2016 | BY Dervla Louli

Ellermann florist Diane Nittke shares her top tips for an elegant and sophisticated loft wedding

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Photo courtesy of Ellerman

Walking into Diane Nittke’s Ellermann boutique, you are transported immediately into another world thanks to a clever combination of colour, décor, flora and fauna. Her ability to intertwine eclectic touches into her abundant bouquets make her blooms some of the most popular among Hong Kong’s social set and her flowers grace many beautiful homes and offices in the city. When it comes to weddings - many brides seek out Diane’s advice not just for flowers but for location and décor pointers too. She shares six ways to make your loft wedding blooming amazing.

 Location, Location, Location

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Photo courtesy of Ellermann

"Hong Kong couples often rely on tried-and-tested venues when looking for a place to hold their ceremony and celebration. Admittedly, this is mainly due to the lack of options: but  if you can think outside the box, there are so many wedding venues on offer in Hong Kong. There are a lot of industrial-style spaces and loft galleries of various sizes that with a bit of vision make a great setting for small and medium affairs for couples who are looking for something a little more unconventional, inspired and contemporary."

 Elevate the Ordinary

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Photo courtesy of Ellermann 

"Industrial spaces with their lack of decor are very neutral backdrops that you can literally make “your own” since they can easily be transformed. I like to leave them “raw” in their original state and juxtapose them with natural and organic flowers and refined table settings to create a stimulating atmosphere and an elegant yet contemporary look. It’s important to add loads of flowers and greens to soften the roughness of the space. Added draping and loads of candles further enhance this look. I like to think of it as channelling “Urban Romance”."

Pick a Colour, Any Colour

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Photo courtesy of Ellermann 

"Choosing and sticking to one colour palette is important for any wedding. For a loft wedding, I like softer shades and natural, elegant flowers with overflowing foliage: it doesn’t compete with the venue, but creates a dynamic juxtaposition to the industrial setting. Soft grey table linen complement this look beautifully. Gold or rose gold details add richness and understated glamour."

 Organic Arrangements

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Photo courtesy of Ellermann

"Flowers create warmth and intimacy in industrial venue: soften the roughness of the space by adding an organic element. I would use delicate flowers like garden roses, spray roses, peonies, anemones and ranunculus combined with naturally draping flowers such as Andromeda, and snowberries or astilbes to create texture. Don’t forget about foliage: it’s so much more than a space filler, and different textures, shapes and colours will help tie everything together. The flowers should be arranged in a natural and layered way, creating a sense of movement.  Use footed vessels for natural draping, and simple gold urns look casually elegant with soft cascading flowers."

It’s All in the Details

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 Photo courtesy of Ellermann

"I like to keep it simple. Rather than bringing in elaborate and complicated production settings, focus on flowers. A floral or botanical chandelier will add drama in a very natural and effortless way, and decor details such as lounge seating and bar carts will create a cosy atmosphere. Make sure you have beautiful chairs and table linen – my favourite are hand-dyed silk runners in shades of greys. Pay attention to the little things: hand-calligraphed name and menu cards, a single flower tucked into the napkin, thoughtful and personalised wedding favours."

Light It Up

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Photo courtesy of Ellermann

"Lighting is crucial for any venue. For a daytime affair, I would go for an airy space with natural daylight coming in. In the evening, add as much candlelight as possible and consider bringing in a professional lighting team. You want to create a look that’s soft and moody, but feels welcoming and warm. Keep it natural and simple - no fancy coloured lights."