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Fashion How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot

How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot

How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot
By Jessica Cheng and Tyrone Wu
June 04, 2014

The dapper gents of The Armoury give us tips on how to perfect the art of tying a tie with several variations on the four-in-hand knot

As we step back into the library of men’s fashion that is The Armoury, directors Alan See and Ethan Newton greet us with warmth and a familiar smile. A plethora of beautifully woven jackets, coats, scarves, ties and suits hang on racks and sit on dark mahogany shelves.

In a continuation of our series for the dapper gent and following our How to Tie the Perfect Bow Tie tutorial, See, Newton and young Armourer Jake Grantham, give us a look into the four-in-hand knot. The trio gives us three variations that work to complete a definitely sartorial look.

Wanting to look perfect from head to toe? Check out our previous video with The Armoury here on why gentlemen should polish their own shoes.


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