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Watches Jewellery 5 Minutes With Fine Jewellery Designer Deborah Pagani

5 Minutes With Fine Jewellery Designer Deborah Pagani

5 Minutes With Fine Jewellery Designer Deborah Pagani
By Annie Darling
By Annie Darling
January 12, 2021
The New York-born designer is known for her wearable jewellery that looks dangerous and dramatic

Tell us about the first jewellery piece you designed.

It was a medallion, which was inspired by the only piece of jewellery my grandparents brought from Cuba. During the revolution, everything of value—especially gold—was confiscated by the government. My grandfather had a little medallion, which he would hang from his belt, and it went unnoticed. I worked it into a pendant.

What do you love about remodelling jewellery?

We only live one life. If a piece is dated or doesn’t suit you right now, it’s better to rework it into something you will wear. There’s no point having it sit in a safe.

Which piece have you most enjoyed remodelling?

The Honey necklace, which I made for myself. I reset my grandmother’s ring, which sat in my safe for 15 years, and now I never take it off.

Describe your jewellery in five words.

Timeless, bold, irreverent, fun, daring.

Who wears your jewellery?

Women who love classics but also want to stand out.

What's your favourite gemstone?

Diamonds. They're the most classic of all the gemstones and I'll never get bored of using them in my designs.

Silver or gold?


What jewellery trends do you foresee over the coming months?

I think the bangle is on its way back, as well as the cocktail ring.

If you could dress anyone, who would it be?

Jackie O. I know she is famous for her American elegance, but I’d love to see her a little sexier. I’d also just love to chat with her.

If you weren't a jeweller, what would you be?

An interior designer.

What’s your favourite time period?

I love everything about the 1920s and 1930s—art deco never goes out of style.

Morning or evening?


What music do you love?

Either house or classic rock.

What TV show are you watching?

Shitt's Creek as well as Power Book II: Ghost and Ratched. The costumes and set are unbelievable.

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