Keira Knightley Shares Her Minimalist Beauty Routine


June 12, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

The British actress and face of Chanel Beauty spared a few minutes to share her thoughts on skincare, relaxation and her daughter's favourite bath toys

What do you do to relax? 

With a small child there’s never any time to relax, except maybe with a glass of wine when she has gone to bed. That is bliss. And maybe a nice, relaxing bath—if I manage to have one where she doesn’t get in with me and we end up playing with dinosaurs.

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What’s your take on make-up?

I have to wear a lot of it when I’m working, so I don’t wear any when I’m not working. I enjoy creating a character and playing with my facial features and becoming someone else with the help of make-up, but I also really like days when I don’t have to wear any make-up at all. 

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How do you care for your skin? 

I’m very low-maintenance; I don’t go for facials or anything like that. I do use a bit of rosehip oil, and occasionally I mix it with some moisturiser. Other than that—nothing.

What’s the best part of being a Chanel ambassador?

Seeing the different facets of the house and how they all work. Going into the lab and smelling all the different raw materials is something I love so much. l feel lucky to be able to peer behind the scenes.

What’s your fragrance of the moment?

Coco Mademoiselle Intense.

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