Inside La Prairie's The Art Of Caviar Exhibition


September 25, 2017 | BY Karen Chiang

La Prairie celebrates 30 years of caviar magic with a pop-up art exhibition at Central’s ifc mall

Luxury Swiss skincare brand La Prairie celebrates 30 years of caviar magic with a pop-up art exhibition at Central’s ifc mall from September 29 to October 2, 2017. Inspired by the brand’s innovations, the works presented at this world-traveling exhibition presents a world that blends technology with reality.

Ahead of the exhibition, get to know the installations and artists behind them.

Living Cells

Who: Paul Coudamy

What: Inspired by the mathematical formula of 3D foam bubbles, the installation features clusters of black magnetised marbles resembling caviars around steel structures. Because of the magnetic tension between the marbles and steel, each time the installation is assembled it takes a different form as the “living” marbles drape and spread over the static structures.

Solid Frequencies

Who: Paul Coudamy

What: See the spellbounding power of science up close, where in a transparent tube, caviar-like marbles move with invisible sound waves in an amazing kinetic dance. An interactive element lies in the visitors’ touch—each time activating a different shape that flows through the tube with the hand’s movement.

Audio Visual Installation

Who: TremensS

What: This installation starts with a giant monolith in a pitch-black room, where an intense laser light cuts through the space and four projectors cast abstract visuals around the room. Apart from being great for photos, the installation itself presents an immersive interaction between laser, video and sound, representing an ethereal and technological side of La Prairie.

Photography Composition

Who: Cinq Fruits

What: In these five abstract images, you’ll find the artist group Cinq Fruits’ interpretation of how art and science interact with each other. Inspired by electricity and chemistry on a cellular level, the detailed works represents seeing La Prairie through a technological yet artistic lens.

Moving Pixel

Who: Bonjour Lab

What: Get interactive in this digital installation, where your body and movement can interact with natural elements like wind and water. Your silhouette will also be captured and frozen into golden particles, where for a moment, you’re invincible against time and gravity in this virtual universe. 


You can now be one of the first to see the installations in person. Register here for entry and receive a complimentary limited edition 30th Anniversary La Prairie Skin Caviar Discovery Kit.

 La Prairie's The Art of Caviar exhibition opens from September 29 to October 2, 2017 at the Oval Atrium, IFC. (Private event on September 29)

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