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Beauty Feel Radiant With La Prairie's Complexion Collection

Feel Radiant With La Prairie's Complexion Collection

Feel Radiant With La Prairie's Complexion Collection
By Hong Kong Tatler
June 20, 2019
La Prairie Focus
Pamper your skin with new additions to La Prairie’s Complexion Collection, which offer all the qualities of its skin caviar range in a foundation form

Among beauty insiders, La Prairie Skin Caviar is known as a filter in a jar. That’s because while the outer packaging is beautiful, what’s inside the jar makes you look lovelier than ever, thanks to the Caviar Extract in the formula that has powerful firming and lifting qualities. La Prairie also leveraged the Skin Caviar formula in its Complexion Collection of make-up and with the launch of two additional products to the collection, this enhancing effect is being taken to a whole new level of radiance.

Think Instagram’s Valencia filter is flattering? Try the brand’s two Skin Caviar Complexion creations, Powder Foundation and Loose Powder, both of which perfectly embody the fusion of caviar science and colour artistry that consistently emerges from La Prairie’s renowned Lab Atelier.

Because if La Prairie Skin Caviar skincare is a filter in a jar then the Skin Caviar Powder Foundation and Loose Powder are light in a make-up compact. They make your skin instantly radiant and flawless, and are designed to appeal to all skin types, thanks to an artistic approach to make-up that highlights the natural complexion.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

In practice, this means the products come with customisable, buildable tints that suit all skin tones and types. With a palette of perfectly matched shades, it allows for seamless blending between all the Skin Caviar Complexion foundation formulas, which combine to create a silky, almost invisible coverage that emphasises natural colour and luminosity. It also offers buildable, blendable coverage for a matte yet luminous look all day long.

The powder foundation comes with SPF 15 to help to protect against UVA and UVB rays, while La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex infuses the skin with nutrients. As a homage to the minimalist lines of the Bauhaus movement, which remains a key influence for La Prairie’s design aesthetic, the foundation comes in a sleek cobalt blue and chrome compact. It is a perfect square that fits in the palm of the hand, with two mirrors, one regular and one magnifying. The loose powder, meanwhile, comes with a perforated interior lid featuring a unique closing system that ensures the fine powder remains within the jar until just the right amount is released.

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Application is easy, thanks to the three complexion brushes that are crafted with advanced synthetic bristles, including one for liquid foundation, one for powder foundation and a third for loose powder. The complexion brushes are also new additions to the range and are specifically designed to be used with La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Complexion products, sweeping delicately over skin to create the perfect finish.

Teaching us all the best way to apply these ground-breaking products is Hong Kong creative director and make-up artist Alvin Goh, stylist to the stars and the La Prairie Complexion Artist Ambassador. He has created application techniques unique to the Skin Caviar Complexion Collection, allowing his clients to bridge the gap between skincare and make-up, and look more dazzling than ever.

La Prairie prides itself on its scientific endeavours, and on retaining a little mystery, not revealing precisely how it makes its magical products. What we do know is that the powerful combination of Caviar Extract and La Prarie’s exclusive Cellular Complex makes all their collections extraordinarily effective at creating firmer skin.


Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

La Prairie is one of the only brands in the world to have mastered the art of using caviar and to have pursued innovative techniques associated with it. The brand only sources caviar of the very highest quality, ensuring a rich source of nutrients for the skin.

As a result, La Prairie has remained the global front-runner in enriching skincare with caviar, ensuring that the ingredient, which supports natural contours, restores harmony to the face and improves the appearance of elasticity and tone, is forever associated with the brand. Ongoing research and technological advancements have allowed the Swiss scientists to master and evolve caviar science, now in make-up as well as a skincare formula.

At the recent Skin Caviar Powder Foundation and Loose Powder launch in Hong Kong, Goh passed on some of his high-end make-up techniques and knowledge to Hong Kong’s most beautiful women, including award-winning actress Karena Lam, fashion celebrities Hilary Tsui and Hilary Fan, and Hong Kong Tatler favourites Elly Lam, Alison Chan-El Azar, Antonia Li, Janet Ma, Feiping Chang and Yen Kuok.

Discover the unique makeup technique of the latest Skin Caviar Powder Foundation created by Alvin Goh here:

Video: Courtesy of La Prairie

The topic of the day? Whether La Prairie’s exquisite new line was at the forefront of science or art. And the answer? Both, of course. 

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