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Beauty La Prairie's Power Of Light At Art Basel Hong Kong

La Prairie's Power Of Light At Art Basel Hong Kong

La Prairie's Power Of Light At Art Basel Hong Kong
By Hong Kong Tatler
March 26, 2018
La Prairie unveils an installation at Art Basel in Hong Kong based on a film by Swiss artist Julian Charrière, a work as illuminating as the frozen landscapes in which it unfolds

Set in some of the world’s most isolated and harsh climes, where snow lies deep and daylight is scarce, the latest cinematic work by intrepid Swiss artist Julian Charrière, Light upon an Imaginary Space, is driven by a highly adventurous curiosity. Charrière sheds light on the changing perception of these fascinating places from untameable wildernesses to fragile ecosystems.

The artist used two drones that hovered over the ice and snow by night—one equipped with a camera, the other with a spotlight. As the camera moved in and out of the field of light, a fascinating story unfolded about these isolated, rarely experienced locales.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

“Filming primarily at night, the landscape transformed into both actor and stage the moment it was illuminated by the rays of the drone’s spotlight,” says Charrière, whose works have been exhibited in museums and institutions worldwide, including the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Centre culturel suisse in Paris, and at the Venice Biennale. “The narrative that emerges is that, without light, there is no knowledge of the landscape. Indeed, there is no landscape.”

An illuminating installation featuring Charrière’s work will be unveiled at Art Basel in Hong Kong this month as part of Swiss skincare brand La Prairie’s continuing partnership with the world’s premier modern and contemporary art fair.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

“We reached out to Julian last year as we love his aesthetics, his work and the purity and sleekness that enhance everything that he does,” says Greg Prodromides, chief marketing officer of La Prairie Group. “The fact that both he and La Prairie originate from Switzerland made the bond very genuine and inspiring. Julian’s work was featured in 2017 in the Unlimited section of Art Basel in Switzerland. La Prairie has been an official partner of the fair since last year, and this encounter was, in a sense, meant to happen.”

Charrière and La Prairie have more in common than nationality and aesthetics. They both share an intense interest in the relationship between shadow and light, darkness and luminosity.

“Julian uses light to reveal he most striking and beautiful landscapes of the earth, and we were convinced that it was a perfect fit with the poetic aspect of our latest product, White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire, a brightening, illuminating, lavish cream formulated with Lumidose, the most potent brightening molecule known to man,” says Prodromides.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie
Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie

Like La Prairie, Charrière goes to great lengths to realise his vision. In pursuit of his art, the Berlin-based artist makes field trips to some of the world’s most remote, far-flung locales. He has travelled, for example, to the Semipalatinsk Test Site, the former Soviet Union’s main nuclear test site, and to its American equivalent, Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, and to the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia and to the Canadian Arctic Circle.

“Like La Prairie, my work constantly tries to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible,” says Charrière. “That, and being unafraid to forge new ways to implement new ideas.”

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