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Watches Jewellery The Luxe Piercing Trend You Need To Know About

The Luxe Piercing Trend You Need To Know About

The Luxe Piercing Trend You Need To Know About
By Elisabeth Gavin
October 18, 2017
Don’t just do it once—extra piercings are how the smart set make a chic style point these days

Once the expression of punkish anarchy, multiple ear piercings have become a statement of luxury. The hip well-to-do are adorning their helix, rook and snug— cartilage areas of the ear, for those yet to be in the know—with fine jewellery. 

The woman said to have invented this fine body art is Maria Tash, whose New York “piercing spa” is frequented by celebrity clients such as Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé. A piercing has even been named after her—the Tash Rook sits just below the top of the ear close to the hairline. 

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With more than 21 years of experience, Tash has created a collection of jewellery that’s dinky, discreet and decadent, with tiny embellishments, ornate hoops and gem-set studs.

It speaks volumes that they can now be found at that most traditional of British department stores renowned for its fashion edge, Liberty London. The store’s Maria Tash Piercing Studio has three separate rooms where clients and their cartilages can be attended to in privacy. 

Take the quiz

So, should you get pierced, and if so where? Get to know the ear piercing lingo and take our mini-quiz below:

The lingo

  • Helix or rim: Top of the ear
  • Tragus: Raised, softish part in the middle of your ear closest to your cheek
  • Rook, snug and antitragus: Most popular areas of the cartilage to pierce 
  • Thread: Similar to an earring stud
  • Clicker: Like a hoop earring


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