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Watches Jewellery Find Out Why Piaget's Possession Collection Is For Keeps

Find Out Why Piaget's Possession Collection Is For Keeps

Find Out Why Piaget's Possession Collection Is For Keeps
By Hong Kong Tatler
May 22, 2019
Piaget Focus
Playful, versatile and alluring, Piaget's Possession collection will have you looking chic on every occasion

More often than not, it is the everyday pleasures that give us the most happiness: the deep bubble bath at the end of a long day, the glass of red wine on the balcony with your partner, the sound of children playing outside. It’s the same with jewellery—most women would agree that the pieces they treasure aren’t the ones they unlock once a year for a gala dinner; they are instead the rings, bracelets and necklaces that provide the visual music to their quotidian lives.

Few pieces embody this as much as those in Piaget’s Possession collection. Possession is known for its beautifully made, simple pieces that are also encrusted with precious gems—jewels that are designed to make you look down and smile throughout the day.

Photo: Courtesy of Piaget
Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

This is particularly true of the Possession open ring, which features two rotating bands paved with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds, and is made from ornamental stones of malachite, turquoise, carnelian, diamonds or white chalcedony—a new addition to this year—at either end.

Not only does it look lovely and feel weighty yet delicate to the touch it also brings good fortune. Each rotation of the ring brings you either happiness, luck or love—depending on what you yearn for that day. And the simple act of rotating the ring towards the emotion you desire has the fascinating effect of helping the women who own this dazzling ring understand their feelings a little better.

Photo: Courtesy of Piaget
Photo: Courtesy of Piaget

To add more dazzle to life, other pieces in the Possession collection are made to complement the open ring. Another popular variation is the open bracelet bangle featuring a wide range of colourful stones encircling them. They are the ideal accessory if you want to add pizzazz to a crisp white shirt and jeans, a linen dress or a ballgown.

That is equally true of the pendants, where a row of diamonds are set just above the coloured stones—all of which hang at that most flattering point of the décolleté.

Video: Courtesy of Piaget

The different colours—ranging from jungle green to tropical turquoise—ensure pieces from the Possession collection, be they rings, bracelets or pendants, complement both the muted colours of winter outfits and the bright hues of a dress designed for St. Tropez or Bali.

And should you desire for a more luxurious iteration—one you can wear to a black-tie event—there are also luxurious diamond-paved pieces, which while more formal than the others, maintains that playful aspect we love so much about this collection.

But most of all they complement your emotions, highlighting moments of great happiness, romance or luck—and bring a little fairy dust of their own into your life.

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