Platinum Perfection: La Prairie's Skincare Secrets for Younger Skin


January 6, 2017 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

La Prairie’s luxurious range of skincare is infused with a precious metal to help you turn back the clock

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Photo courtesy of La Prairie

Life is filled with laughter and tears; it’s the joy of being human. But it doesn’t mean we want those emotions forever etched on our faces.

As we age our skin loses essential elasticity, collagen breaks down and those expression lines deepen. Throw in the skin-damaging effects of stress, pollution and the sun, and none of us can escape the tell-tale signs of ageing. Or can we?

The Platinum Collection from La Prairie harnesses the restorative powers of platinum, one of the earth’s rarest resources, to achieve age-defying results. At the heart of the collection lies La Prairie’s exclusive, nutrient-rich cellular complex. Proven to stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process it moisturises and energises, erasing visible signs of ageing.

The luxurious range features four products, which can be used alone or together for optimal results.

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The Platinum Collection includes (from left) the Cellular Cream Platinum Rare in 50ml and 30ml, Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare, Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, and Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare

Your first step, and where the magic happens, is the Cellular Serum Platinum Rare. Just a few drops of this ingenious serum restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Powerful antioxidants, skin-brightening nutrients and tensing agents leave skin brighter and firmer.

The rejuvenating Cellular Cream Platinum Rare, meanwhile, draws on the most advanced discoveries in cellular science and can be used alone or over the serum. Moisture is released as you need it thanks to clever climate-activated hydration, which adjusts to changing humidity levels and the skin’s temperature. Platinum peptides recharge skin, allowing for maximum absorption of the cream’s many nourishing ingredients. Skin texture and tone are preserved, and a youthful radiant glow is restored.

Designed for the unique needs of the eye area, where skin is thinner and more easily damaged, the Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare is a truly inspired formula. Whether it is fine lines, sagging, puffiness or dark shadows that bother you, this potent eye treatment has it covered. The eye area is lifted and brightened, and lines and puffiness disappear leaving skin rejuvenated.


Photo courtesy of La Prairie

The fourth member of the collection is the Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, which promises to transform the delicate eye area. Wrinkle-plumping peptides, precious platinum, antioxidants and lighteners diminish fine lines, lift and firm the skin and brighten dark circles. Even the dispenser has been designed for ultimate benefit. The cooling, metal-tipped dropper soothes and reduces puffiness around the eye contours as it delivers the serum.

So if you want to live life to the full while keeping a flawlessly youthful complexion, it might
be time to revise your skincare routine and invest in The Platinum Collection.