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Watches Jewellery This Prestigious Jewellery Buyer Will Give Your Gems A Second Life

This Prestigious Jewellery Buyer Will Give Your Gems A Second Life

This Prestigious Jewellery Buyer Will Give Your Gems A Second Life
By Hong Kong Tatler
October 24, 2018
Spring cleaning your jewellery box? Rosemary Leung of prestigious pre-owned jewellery buyer Circa provides some invaluable tips on selling your precious pieces

Whether you’re cleaning out your jewellery collection or just selling a valuable necklace you no longer wear, finding out where and how to sell your gems can be difficult. That’s where Circa, one of the most prestigious pre-owned jewellery buyers in the world, can help, with its winning combination of expertise, discreet service and immediate payment.

Plus, with locations across the US, Europe and in Hong Kong, Circa boasts a global network of sellers and buyers. Its Hong Kong director, Rosemary Leung, is a goldmine of information on selling jewellery.

Photo: Courtesy of Circa
Photo: Courtesy of Circa

What sets Circa apart from its competitors?

We understand our clients. Many are selling their jewellery and perhaps going through emotional experiences; their concerns are our concerns. Clients bring in the items they wish to sell, we then look at every piece in person and make an offer to purchase with a cheque right then and there.

Do you ever refuse pieces?

We buy all fine jewellery, diamonds and high-grade watches. Although sometimes, clients come in with items of little or no value. In such cases, we are always happy to educate them as to why.

What common misconceptions do people have about selling jewellery?

Clients may come in with an appraisal and expect to sell for the same amount, but this price is based on replacing the lost item at full retail value and not on the resale value. People’s expectations also come from how much they paid for a particular piece and how much they like it—when the reality is that demand and value drive the price.

Photo: Courtesy of Circa
Photo: Courtesy of Circa

What would decrease the value of a piece?

Altered pieces can have significantly less value than there unaltered counterparts. Our collectors always look for authenticity, so if you have missing links, bring them in. Any paperwork and original boxes are a plus. As far as condition goes, most jewellery can be fixed or reconditioned, so I wouldn’t worry too much about scratches.

Collectors actually like a little wear, as it shows character.

What gems and brands get the highest resale value?

Rubies from Burma, emeralds from Colombia, or Kashmir sapphires top the list as the most valued gemstones. Of course, laboratory documentation is a must for the greatest value. Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels are still highly coveted by collectors, as are stainless-steel sports watches by Rolex and Patek Philippe. Oh, and pieces from the art deco period!

Photo: Courtesy of Circa
Photo: Courtesy of Circa

What are your top tips for selling jewellery? 

Bring it to Circa. If you’re not wearing it, selling is far better than holding onto something that brings you no joy. These items still occupy a space in your mind as well as your vault, leading to anxiety  instead of reward.

Why go to Circa rather than an auction house?

We buy and pay immediately.  

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