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Beauty Punch Detox: A Fruit Juice Detox

Punch Detox: A Fruit Juice Detox

The Ladies behind Punch Detox
By Kimberly Hu
February 03, 2012
Going on a detoxification does not mean starving yourself, Punch Detox comes up with a formula that is as delicious as it is healthy

The Ladies behind Punch Detox

Many feel that detoxification is a painful combination of starvation and bland food, but the ladies from Punch Detox said healthy taste-good and healthy feel-good is key to their smashing formula of juices that gives your body a once-a-month cleansing of toxins.

Hong Kong natives Ann Cha and Angela Matsuzawa say what started as a personal hobby for healthier lifestyles is now unimaginably growing into a booming business. The ladies have designed a three-day juice cleanse programme that comprises six different juices a day – and no solid food.

“We spent a long time coming up with the programme," explains Cha. "It’s basically a formula that we designed, and all of the ingredients contain detoxifying properties. The entire programme is perfectly nutritionally balanced.”

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It began with friends curious about the juice cleanse, the next thing they knew, a list of people were waiting to get hold of their formulas. It was when the programme was conceived - Punch Detox was born.

Punch Detox Formula

“It’s Punch because it’s a boost to your health, an energy boost that most people talk about when they go through the detox," says Cha, the mastermind behind the juice formulas.

Cha says there are plenty of different juice extractors on the market, but the pair acquired a labour-intensive hydraulic press. The duo purchase up to 10kg of fruit and vegetables per person per programme – at the moment they are pressing more than 400kg over three days, and it is a tough, tough job.

“Sometimes I think I’m stupid for choosing this machine – it’s not easy to use,” says Cha.

Besides the good workout, there is also a good reason for the sweat, “It really gives you the best product. Studies show that this method retains 500 per cent more of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals than any other juicing method.”

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“We’re still learning and want to make sure that everyone has a good experience and that the quality remains. So we’re trying to grow slowly, but we’re looking to see if we can grow a little more and accommodate more people.”

Punch Detox is planning to increase the number of participants each month. Sign up at and try to squeeze your way into their expanding list.


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